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The young and smart Pooja Gurung of the Hospitality Department is our next feature for ‘Rising Star’. A karate black belt who has won two bronze medals in the national level (shitorio) is a very open hearted person. An ex-student of APS, Bengdubi, she has represented her school in various basketball competitions. Even though a sports person she also loves singing and performing on stage. To be a drummer in a music band is one of her dreams because she feels that the drummer is the highlight of a band. Since there are less number of girls in this field she wants to point out that there is nothing that girls cannot do.

Pooja Gurung is a young girl with lots of aspirations and hopes for the future. Her aim is to become a flight attendant where she can gather the experience of flying to different destinations. But her dream for her life is much more than just a job. Along with her friends she has a dream to open her own restaurant named ‘COPAINS’, which means friends in French. After the restaurant, the next in line is a bakery and then a boutique. The highlight of her boutique will be her designs and customized stiching.

A very talented person who’s world revolves around her family and friends. An optimist by nature and very sensitive towards the needs of her friends. She feels that trust is one important factor that should prevail in a family. Her vision towards society is to work against the violence that is prevalent against women.

She won the second place in the Masterchef competition conducted by the Siliguri Institute of Technology. Inspiria is proud to have students like her and we wish that all her dreams come true.

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