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Impact of Union Budget 2017 on Students!

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Union Budget 2017 laid a strong emphasis on Skill India movement. India being one of the youngest countries has about more than 41% population under the 25 year age bracket which therefore is impacted the most by the announcements for the Education Sector. The major highlight of Union Budget 2017 in the education sector was the increased rebate on Education Loans in the taxes which would give a lot of relief to students planning to pursue Higher Education. This would be a great push to government’s newly introduced “Skill Development” scheme where the youth of the country will easily be

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List of Schools in Siliguri

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For a small city, Siliguri has has a large number of good quality schools Not many are aware of one inspiring piece of information which will make all of us living in Siliguri, nay North Bengal proud. Siliguri is one of the top ten small cities in the country with the largest number of schools (the density of schools that is), particularly high standard English medium schools. For a town which had just around 15000 residents about 80 years back, this growth of the town as well its schools is most impressive. These schools have survived because residents of Siliguri

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An Awareness Initiative Drive of Animals on Highways by Environmental Conservation Group

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The visit of the Environmental Conservation Group all the way from the southern part of India ( Coimbatore, TN) caused a ripple of excitement among the students. The very thought that they drove all the way from Coimbatore to Siliguri by road was astounding. There was great interest from the students to support the cause. The main objective of the ECG is to create an awareness among the people regarding the killing of wildlife on highways and to reach up to the government for a solution to this issue. They were a group of five men from different areas of

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Introducing ASK Inspiria – The Platform for all your queries!

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This is the age of information its is said. Indeed, with all the wonderful communication devices like smart phones, tablets, notebooks and laptops in the public domain, getting the information you want should be a matter of a few minutes! And yet the ordinary public including students, housewives, government employees and even patients in hospitals seem to be at a loss for information (or the lack of it!). Every big organization or government department have contact information such as phone numbers and site urls. However most of them are not updated and calls are either not answered or met with

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Top 7 Tips to Better Email Etiquette for Students

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In the world of twitter, text messages and emoticons, students simply don’t have much experience and knowledge sending emails in a professional or academic setting. But having the right email etiquette is a primary and important need which every student turning into professional needs to know and can be only achieved with repeated practice. So, we bring to you Top 7 tips to better Email etiquette for students 1. Always start your email with a greeting, such as “Dear Professor [last name]” or “Hi Professor [last name].” 2. Always use a good, brief and informative subject line as this is

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