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5 Lucrative Career Options in Animation & Graphics Industry

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The animation and graphics industry has witnessed a remarkable progress in the last decade offering widespread career opportunities across multi-dimensional creative media platforms. The ever-increasing presence of the Multimedia and Animation domain creates demand for a skilled professional in the respective field providing innumerable options to develop a trained creative career. Inspiria Knowledge Campus provides ample opportunities to explore and carve out a successful career in the same through their B.Sc Degree in Multimedia, Animation and Graphics Design. The various career options are listed below: Animation Industry Career Opportunity 3D Animation: 3D animators, also referred to as multimedia artists take

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Abhinav Kumar Das – The MJ of Inspiria

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As the name suggest Abhinav meaning unique our next feature for Rising Star is a student of the Department of Media Science. Walking in the darkness with the hope for sunshine has always been his path. For him, every day is a new day carrying the same hope and efforts for enlightenment. Being a fighter he likes to fight it out in difficult situations and that makes him a stronger person. Abhinav is a very down to earth person whose aim four years back was to become a famous cricketer but as his family was not supportive he could not

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Upasana Chhetri – The Resolute

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Our next feature for the Rising Star is Upasana Chhetri of Media Science who says, “ Life isn’t a race, it’s a journey full of surprises! So we must be strong and overcome all obstacles because you never know whom you are inspiring.” Being the daughter of a teacher discipline and dignity were an integral part of her childhood. As she grew up her interest changed at every stage of growth but her passion for dance remained the same. Another area of interest which she likes to pursue is the field of acting. Her leadership skills got her the position

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Tripti Sinha – The Pirouette

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Twirl, sway, spin, jump that's what Tripti like to do all the time- “DANCE”. This dancer from the Department of Media Science is our next feature for Rising Star. Her dance craze started from class four when she took part in a dance competition forced by her sister. It was her sister who was considered to be a better dancer but winning that competition changed the whole scenario. As years passed by, dance had a total control of her. Tripti Sinha with Bollywood Choreographer Remo D'souza In grade 8, she had auditioned for Dance India Dance and was selected but