SHRISTI KUMARI – VFX Artist in the Making

“ I was an introvert child. But my passion surged me to do what I loved to do, as I drifted towards my my goal, hurdles melted away, I plunged into the creative sea and the rhythmic waves have kept me going.” Fast forward to her school days, she gets appointed as the vice house […]

Neden Lama Yolmo – The Multifaceted

Her father being a musician, she has had a wonderful journey with music and now it runs within her. She is a vocalist as well plays the guitar. She is one of the singing stars of Inspiria. A fun-loving person who is always happy and singing. Life seems to be joyful and buoyant when she […]

Abhinav Kumar Das – The MJ of Inspiria

As the name suggest Abhinav meaning unique our next feature for Rising Star is a student of the Department of Media Science. Walking in the darkness with the hope for sunshine has always been his path. For him, every day is a new day carrying the same hope and efforts for enlightenment. Being a fighter […]

Upasana Chhetri – The Resolute

Our next feature for the Rising Star is Upasana Chhetri of Media Science who says, “ Life isn’t a race, it’s a journey full of surprises! So we must be strong and overcome all obstacles because you never know whom you are inspiring.” Being the daughter of a teacher discipline and dignity were an integral […]

Tripti Sinha – The Pirouette

Twirl, sway, spin, jump that’s what Tripti like to do all the time- “DANCE”. This dancer from the Department of Media Science is our next feature for Rising Star. Her dance craze started from class four when she took part in a dance competition forced by her sister. It was her sister who was considered […]

TIASHA SIL- The Girl with a Strong Vision

Tiasha Sil, Miss Fresher 2016 is our next feature for ‘Rising Star‘. She is an ardent lover of fashion and follows it with great passion. A native of Siliguri who wishes to make a name for herself in the fashion industry. She is presently pursuing her Degree in Media Science at Inspiria Knowledge Campus and […]

Aman Dugar – “The Face Of Inspiria”

Aman is a student of Media Science department at Inspiria Knowledge Campus. He was the first one to bring in the award for the college. Aman was selected to represent his college Inspiria Knowledge Campus a reputed event- ‘Spotlight’, which is the annual initiation of t2; ‘The Telegraph’ and ‘Neotia Getwell Healthcare Centre’ were the […]

Shiladitya Ghosh – A young editor with great potential

Shiladitya Ghosh– a simple, matured, understanding and a sensitive young boy with a creative and beautiful mind. He is down to earth and a person with a heart of gold. He cares for his peers and friends and acts like a support system to them when needed. Shiladitya, popular as “Ady” among his friends has […]

Sweta Gupta – The Budding Contemporary Artist

Originally from Assam but ancestrally settled in Jalpaiguri. She has spent all of her childhood in Alipurduar and feels that it is the best place in the world. She has a great fascination for the place and also precious and valuable memories of the place. Sweta Gupta, pursuing her B.Sc in Media Science aims to […]

Bivek Chandak : Upcoming-Media Entrepreneur

Bivek Chandak- the ever vehement and dynamic student of the Department of Media Science, Inspiria Knowledge Campus, is a new talented addition to our Rising Star series. An enterprising individual who has his own unique way of perceiving and innovating new business plans. He is an active member of theYI Yuva Chaupal,Siliguri and also of […]