Top 7 Tips to Better Email Etiquette for Students

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In the world of twitter, text messages and emoticons, students simply don’t have much experience and knowledge sending emails in a professional or academic setting. But having the right email etiquette is a primary and important need which every student turning into professional needs to know and can be only achieved with repeated practice. So, we bring to you Top 7 tips to better Email etiquette for students

1. Always start your email with a greeting, such as “Dear Professor ” or “Hi Professor.”

2. Always use a good, brief and informative subject line as this is the first thing your reader sees.

3. Never send your email with too many attachments. If your files are very large in size, it is advisable to compress them into a zipped file.

4. Always try to keep your email as brief as possible, preferably on screen length.

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5. Use emoticons and exclamation points sparingly. Use contractions to add a friendly tone.

6. Always use professional fonts, ex, Arial, Droid Serif etc. Avoiding special coding or formatting. Keep them clean. This makes it easier for your readers to read and reply. It also loads faster.

7. Before sending out your email, always reread and check for spelling and grammatical errors as poor writing skills are a direct reflections on you.

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