Two day Ethical Hacking Workshop by ISOAH at Inspiria

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We are all aware about the word ‘hacking’. In fact the term brings a sense of uneasiness and even fear. In this internet age with all the personal and confidential information lying online, there is always the nagging fear that all your critical data may be stolen or as the technical term states – hacked!

Hacking has been defined as all activity that attempts to detect loopholes in a computer system or network to access content with a malicious intent. Due to the growing use of internet day by day, there is an enormous amount of data online that needs to be constantly protected from eavesdropping and unauthorized access.

This is where the role of the ethical hackers come in the picture. They can be hired to perform system audit for carrying out vulnerability analysis and ensure that loopholes for breaking into a system are monitored and possible attacks thwarted.

Inspiria Knowledge Campus organized a two day workshop on issues related to cyber security and ethical hacking on February 26 and 27 which was addressed by Sandeep Sengupta of the Indian School of Anti-Hacking (ISOAH). Students from engineering and general degree colleges in the region including Inspiria’s own students participated in the workshop which met a very good response. The workshop was organized by the Computer Science Department of Inspiria.

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