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VFX Course India
Course Eligibility
VFX Course Curriculum
Course Curriculum: Modern Tools & Software
VFX Course: Career Options & Job Prospects

VFX Course In India

Visual Effect or VFX Course serves the aspirations of those that seek to build a career in the creative field. Be it an Animation Industry, IT firms, Advertising or Production Houses, etc. A full-time VFX Course equips you with the right skill set and knowledge to confront the challenges and thrive as a professional. In India, pursuing any full-time professional degree course requires about three to four years time. The duration varies depending upon the industry you choose to work. Likewise, a full-time VFX professional degree course requires 3 years. The curriculum is further divided into six semesters in which, practical assignments, workshops, tests, and a mandatory internship program are combined with theoretical learning.
VFX Course covers diverse components of animation, graphics, gaming, simulation effects, motion capture, rotomation etc. The course curriculum is designed to educate and train you in the latest visual effects software and techniques that are needed in various professional fields. VFX Course technically equips the students with the right skill set and knowledge to bring high-quality and surreal effects for movies, games, virtual services, e-learning platforms, etc.
The program ideally deals with character and environment development which are impossible to exist or happen in actual life. The evolving machines and technology have enhanced the quality standards of visual effects. Be it in gaming, e-learning, film making, creative service firms, etc. With the rising demand for realistic VFX effects in the entertainment and gaming industry, the scope for the trained VFX professionals is on a constant hike.

Course Eligibility

The candidates should pass 10+2 level or equivalent from any recognized education board. Candidates from any stream with English as a mandatory subject in their higher secondary level with the artistic bent are eligible. The students who are waiting for their board exam result and those who are studying in the final year are also eligible to apply for the course.

VFX Course Curriculum

The course covers diverse aspects of the animation industry. The entire course session covers the following curriculum. Such as Video Editing, Digital Design, Motion graphics, Camera Tracking, Rotoscopy, Clean-plate generation, Match Moving, Editing with FCP, Stereoscopic Conversion, camera Projection, Photogrammetry, Basics of Film-shooting, Layer-based Compositing, Node-based Compositing, Live action Compositing, Audio-video Synchronization, etc.

Course Curriculum: Modern Tools & Software

VFX Course curriculum includes modern tools and software. The learners will get trained and professionally prepared to join the VFX industry at exiting profile. Such as Video Editor, Match Moving Artist, Motions Graphic Artist, etc.
1. Nuke
2. Mocha
3. Fusion
4. PFTrack
5. FumeFX
6. 3Ds Max
7. RealFlow
8. Adobe Photoshop
9. Blackmagic Fusion
10. Adobe After Effects
11. Blender

VFX Course: Career Options & Job Prospects

VFX is a fundamental part of Animation. A wide range of career opportunities and job prospects are available for the skilled professionals who own the knowledge to work on VFX Animation tools and techniques. VFX is one of the widely acknowledged industries in India and abroad. Career Industries For VFX Professionals Are-
1. VFX Industry
2. Film Production House
3. Advertising Agencies
4. Animation Industry
5. Gaming Industry
6. Photography

The skilled experts and VFX professionals can opt from a wide range of professional profiles in the mentioned above or any other creative industries. Some of the suitable professions and career option that you can pursue after a successful VFX Course are listed below.

VFX Artist

A proficient VFX artist generates genuine and realistic visual effects with the help of an animation, software tools, and likewise techniques and elements.

3D Modelling Artist

The key responsibility of a 3D Modelling Artist is to create 3d model using different computer programs. They can create characters, backgrounds, properties etc.


Compositor requires complete knowledge of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) & VFX. They construct the final image by combining layers of previously created material with their skills & relevant artistic skills.

Motion Graphics Artist

Motion Graphics Artists create animated 2D and 3D images by employing computer programs. They further employ video and animation to create the impression of action through a series of changing images.

Match Move Artist

Match-Moving artists are responsible for CG and Live action footage integration. He is responsible for CG object’s movement according to Live action footage.

Pre-Viz Artist

A Pre-Viz Artist is expected to have a keen eye for cinematography and comprehensive experience in digital animation. Pre-Viz Artist is responsible for creating previsualization or animatics during pre-production.

Texturing Artist

Texture Artists creates textures, colors and organic surface qualities needed for computer-generated models, hard-surface models used in production.

Paint Artist and Roto Artist

Paint and Roto Artists work closely with Compositors to help them combine all elements of an image, live action, CG to make film visual effects shots. The job of Roto artist is to take out the specific character or object from the footage frame by frame.

Clean-up Artist

Clean-up Artist is responsible for the closing line and completed look of the shot.

Lighting artist

The lighting artist is responsible for applying all lighting effects to a scene.


VFX Course strengthens the aspirations and builds ideal pathways for anyone those who want to build a career in the creative industry. The industry ideally suits the quest of anyone blessed with a creative mind and ability to imagine better. So, if you’ve got the ability to unbox your imaginations and creative ideas, you can opt for a VFX Animation course after your 12th.
The three year VFX Course enables you to convey your creativity and imagination through modern visual tools and techniques, graphics, animation, etc. The course develops your skills, improves your theoretical learning, and prepares you to deal with the challenges of high-end projects and modern professional workplace.

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