What kind of jobs you Can get with a BBA Degree?

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Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most recognized professional degree course across the globe. The rapid rise in businesses has generated excellent work opportunities for BBA graduates. BBA degree course covers the general and basic aspects of business administration. If you love making a career in the world of business, BBA Course is the right choice.

BBA graduates are employed by some of the best professional domains like Banks, Educational Institutions, Marketing Organizations, Multinational Companies, Business Consultancies, Export Companies, Financial Organizations, etc. If you are pursuing BBA course, or have already earned a Degree then you’re at the right place. Now, let’s explore some job opportunities that you can get with a BBA Degree.

Financial Advisor

Financial Advisors assist people and organizations to make reasonable financial decisions by helping them to measure risk. They manage, administer, allot, and use the money to make people and business success. Financial Advisors are assigned with the responsibility of securing the financial health and benefit of people and organizations.

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketers look after the overall development of products in the business, keep records of the trends within the targeted market or the audience. They design, execute, and coordinate marketing ventures for companies. Digital marketers determine the search or demand for services, products, goods, information, etc., and therefore create a strategy accordingly to increase profits on those products and services. Digital marketers play a great part in the advertising and other creative media fields, which are closely related to marketing.


No matter which industry you would prefer to work in, if you are planning to get into management, a degree in BBA will add an advantage in your profile.
In any kind of business, Managers look after the smooth operation of the organization. They are responsible for executing and managing everyday tasks from small to bigger tasks.


Accountants deal with numbers. Their responsibility includes working with people and companies making them understand their property, investments, and taxes. They draft and prepare financial reports and make sure that the tax operations go smoothly.

Human Resources

Human Resources or HRs are responsible for hiring new employees and also responsible for managing records and policies for employees. Employees working as Human Resource are accountable for ensuring the happiness and safety of the organization’s employees. Their task further includes counseling, managing schedules, and instructing employees.

Commodities Trader

Commodities trader purchase and sell commodity contracts on behalf of an individual or a company. Commodities can be anything that is purchased and sold for monetary profit, it could be anything from herbs to pins, etc. Commodities traders are detailed-oriented, organized, with a firm knowledge of business and economics. A degree in BBA can help you get there.

Loan Officer

Loan Officers are basically expected to possess a solid finance background and efficient with the numbers and money. BBA graduates can work as Loan Officers in various banks and money lending firms to assess, authorize, and confirm approval and denial of loans to business and individuals.


Entrepreneurs are the mastermind behind the start-ups everywhere. An entrepreneur creates new business and further organize and operate businesses. The number of start-ups has been increased with the advancement and rise in the internet. So, if you dream of running your own business, BBA degree bestows you with a sound knowledge throughout your course through pacticals, seminars, workshops, internships, and so on.

Govt. Jobs

BBA degree course is recognized as a degree that is equivalent to a graduate degree. A candidate with a BBA degree course is eligible to appear for competitive exams conducted by both the State and Central Government, be in any sector from Banking to IAS, Railways to Defence, etc.

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