Why you should have a M.Sc Computer Science Degree?

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MSc Computer Science is a two-year post-graduate degree programme in Computer Science and is one of the most sought-after courses for students after graduation in the field of computers apart from MCA and MTech in CS/IT. These courses are mostly the same curriculum in different flavours and have the same levels of importance. However, pursuing MSc Computer Science is always an edge apart higher than the rest. Why should you definitely have this is degree? Watch out below:

1. Intensive exposure to advanced topics

MSc Computer Science offers an intensive, high-end exposure to topics which are exclusively focussed on advanced modules on Computers and allied sciences. Students enrolled in the MSc programme have a better understanding of the core and the advanced topics in a more intensive and dedicated manner.

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2. Duration of the course and entrance

MSc Computer Science is a 2-year programme full-time programme. As a result, MSc Computer Science saves a year for the students (then MCA) but provides them with the same expertise. Admission to MSc Computer Science is based primarily on the expertise and performance in the graduation level programmes such as BSc and BCA which makes the programme more benchmarked. Also, MTech in CS can be pursued only after MCA or BTech and therefore it is more time efficient for pursuing MSc in Computer Science (BTech+MTech = 4+2=6 years, BCA/BSc+MCA+MTech =3+3+2=8 years whereas, BCA/BSc+MSc Computer Science=3+2=5 years)

3. Projects and research

The project and dissertation in MSc Computer Science can be directed towards the software industry relevant projects as well as research-based contributory projects. This makes the course more versatile as students have a chance to taste both of software project development as well as academic research. This makes MSc in Computer Science more versatile than any other PG Computer Science courses.

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4. Job Profiles

MSc Computer Science students are looked for in both software industry as well as for research projects in academia and the industry R&D labs. The students passing out with an MSc in Computer Science can be hired as Software Professionals, Data Scientists, Business Analytics experts, Web Experts and also as Academicians, Research Consultants and so on. Getting a right job after MSc in Computer Science is just a matter of time.

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