Alumni Meet 2023: A successful gathering of minds and memories

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Inspira Knowledge Campus was living in nostalgia when the alumni from batch 2015 to 2019 showed up for a grand get-together.

The annual alumni meet is a special event that brings together graduates from all different classes and backgrounds. It is their chance to catch up on old times, share stories, and reminisce about the good old days. This year, the alumni meet 2023 received 105 alumni members who came back to wave familiar hellos and reminisce about their good old days.

Their invite was dated 13th Jan 2023; the same day we hosted our pilot event Youth Carnival, a festival to celebrate young and creative minds. We figure, our alumni could take a break from their usual routine and enjoy the grandeur of Inspiria fest they sure have been missing.

Our alumni started showing up around 2 pm and could be seen touring the college and catching up with their respective faculties. The tour gave them a chance to see how the campus has evolved and how far Inspiria has come since their time here.

But the alumni meet is not just about reconnecting with old friends. It’s also a time to learn about the latest developments at your alma mater, to hear about new initiatives, and get involved in the life of the institution.

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More than just a meet

This year, the objective of the Alumni Meet was to create an Alumni Association where Alumni members volunteer from each batch (2015-2019). This is a great way for recent graduates and alumni to connect with potential employers, learn about job opportunities, and get career advice.

Chief guest and trustee Atul Gupta addressed the gathering and spoke of how alumni can be a source of information, ideas, and involvement. The pass-outs were also treated to a keynote address from the principal and faculties who shared their thoughts on the future of education and the role of our alma mater in shaping it.

The mic was then passed around to the alumni to speak about their experiences during their tenure at Inspiria. The speeches by prominent alumni were also a highlight, providing inspiration and valuable advice for attendees. Hearing the stories of our graduates and how they have gone on to achieve great things was truly inspiring.

The seminar was just one aspect of the event. The real magic happened in the informal gatherings and conversations that happened during the Inaugural ceremony of the Hall of Fame followed by the Youth Carnival.

Inauguration – The wall of Fame

The inaugural ceremony of Inspiria’s “Wall of Fame” had to be at the alumni meet. After all it represents the success and achievement of our alumni. The latest addition to the infrastructure that recognizes and honours the achievements of notable alumni, the Hall of Fame includes graduates who have made significant contributions in their fields, such as business, arts, science, sports, politics, and more.

We held a special event to officially unveil and dedicate the display – the inauguration of a wall of fame. Notable alumni under the presence of Managing Trustee Atul Gupta, Principal Dr. Indrajit Chatterjee, Associate Dean Dr Ambrish Sharma, Head of Operations Rahul Gupta and HODs inaugurated the Inspiria Wall of Fame.

The purpose of a wall of fame is to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of notable alumni and to inspire current students to strive for similar success. It also helps to create a sense of community and pride among alumni, and can serve as a valuable resource for networking and mentorship opportunities. We could see their eyes lit up upon witnessing their names entitled on the wall of fame.

Long Story Short

In conclusion, the annual alumni meet at Inspiria is a special event that brings together alumni from all different classes and backgrounds, it’s a time to reminisce about old memories, catch up on the latest news, make new connections and connect with the college. It’s a reminder that even though we’ve graduated, we’re still part of the same college and that we’re all connected by our shared experiences.

We would like to extend a special thank you to all the alumni who made the effort to attend the reunion and to the organizing committee for all the hard work.

We hope that next year’s event will be even bigger and better and encourage all our alumni to mark the date in their calendars. Start making plans to come back and reconnect with your alma mater.

Once an Inspirian, always an Inspirian.

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