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Youth Carnival 2023

Inspiria Youth Carnival 2023 became an opportunity for students to come together and experience the vibrant and dynamic spirit of their college, and to create lasting memories that will stay with us for a lifetime.

Introduction to Inspiria Youth Carnival

Inspiria’s first-ever youth carnival was a vibrant and exciting fiesta that brought together
students, faculty, alumni, and members of the local community. The campus was buzzing with
excitement; the most anticipation event of the new year was finally here. The carnival was held on the 13th of January 2023 amid the fresh breeze and energy of 2023.

From music and dance to theatre and art exhibitions, the festival was a platform for students to express themselves and showcase their skills. The festival also featured games and other interactive activities, providing students with a fun and relaxed atmosphere to socialize and bond with their peers. Various performances, ranging from classical music to contemporary pop songs, thoroughly entertained the audience. The festival also provided a platform for upcoming musicians and bands to perform in front of a large audience.

The carnival had plenty of games, food stands, and a wide range of entertainment acts that kept everyone entertained throughout the day. The highlights of the event were put on by Inspiria’s very own students in the form of dance performances, musical acts and a Mirza Ghalib-depicted drama. The acts were a treat for the eye and were alone enough to keep the crowd hooked throughout the day.

Events and performances at Inspiria Youth Carnival

The kite flying competition among others was new and true to its nature. Something we were looking forward to and enjoyed to a great extent. But what followed next was the cherry on top.

Department of Fashion where certainly excited about the ramp walks and guest fashion show by the team Samrat Rajput, the noted name in the world of fashion in North Bengal. The style, the designs, the oomph!
There were three different categories of walks in total; the first of which was executed by Inspiria’s fashion department. We had the privilege of having Samrat Rajput plan and choreograph the other two ramp walks.

Recognition of social media creators

Inspiria has always appreciated the lifestyle of the emerging youth, and we acknowledge the fact that social media is an important aspect of this generation. In keeping with that, we honored 21 shortlisted creators from Siliguri and around for their extensive work towards influencing and positively impacting the youth’s lives with their knowledge and expertise. Moreover, it was an effort to push our students towards doing what they love and there couldn’t be a better way to motivate them than to award the youth who have made it already.

Food stalls and small business opportunities

The food stands offered a wide range of delicious treats and snacks, and they were a big hit. The snack stalls were not limited to those of Inspiria. We invited aspiring cafes and cloud kitchens to bring their culinary skills to the Inspiria campus. The event was the perfect opportunity for
small businesses to market their products. Because of the initiative we also saw our fellow Inspirians book stalls to sell handmade jewellery, fast food and game stalls.
For people looking out for more relaxed spaces, there was a bonfire to keep them warm throughout the cold evening.

Alumni meet and wall of fame

How can we forget to tell you about the biggest highlight of the day? We wanted Inspirians to
feel at home, even the ones who had graduated years ago. So, an alumni meet was undertaken
and a “wall of fame” specifically dedicated to the timeless Inspirians was unfolded! Oh, the joy of
seeing their names on the wall of their alma mater! The moment was emotional and uplifting.

The alumni meeting was more than reconnecting with old friends. It was also the opportunity to learn about the latest developments at your alma mater, hear about new initiatives, and get involved in the life of the institution. Chief guest and trustee Atul Gupta addressed the gathering and spoke of how alumni can be a source of information, ideas, and involvement. The principal and faculties treated the pass-outs to a keynote address and shared their thoughts on the future of education and the role of our alma mater in shaping it.

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Evening events and DJ Jennifer’s performance

Evening dawned and the night lights called for some upbeat music to dance on. DJ Jennifer was back at Inspiria and she made everyone dance their heart out. The energy that students showed during the dance was electrifying. The lights, music, and crowd all synergized to create an experience of a lifetime and to make Inspira’s Youth Carnival a grand success.

Conclusion and future events

Students from all over the college came together to celebrate their talents, creativity, and diversity, and executed the carnival to perfection. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to express themselves, bond with their peers, and create lasting memories. We all look forward to the next Youth Carnival, which- let’s be honest has to happen after such a huge success! The coordinators, volunteers, anchors and most importantly the faculty members in charge had a huge hand in this outcome. For now, we are looking forward to the next extravagant event by Inspiria. There is a rumor that the grand Insvaganza is coming soon.Are you ready for it?

Author: Disha Saraf (BMAGD – 1st year)

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