Prospect Of BCA With A Comparative Glimpse Of B.Tech

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”_ by Benjamin Franklin is one of the appreciated quotes which makes the new generation to think on it. If we talk about the evolution of the world, it will indicate the prospect of automation i.e what we are and what we are going to be based on the digital techniques supported by the standard algorithm(s). The above situation creates an immense effect on the educational domain. Utilizing the increasing speed of the internet, digitization is one of the future assets of the globe.

Enlightening the facts and features of the above scenario, young minds have the choice to be a part of Science and Technology, especially information technology. As we are living in the information age, the requirement of the information technology is in demand, be it in Software industry, education sector or health care sector. So, there is a huge demand for skilled professionals in the industry.

After completion of 12th standard education, the turning point of life comes where the mind has to sincerely recognize your true inclination. To pursue a course in Computer Science, generally one can select either Bachelor in Computer Application(BCA) or Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering(B.Tech-CSE).

To pursue B.Tech, one has to complete 12th standard from science background with at least mathematics as one of the subjects. Now the question may arise that if anyone from commerce or arts with high eagerness to achieve the curriculum of Computer Science, can it be possible for them? The answer is Yes, they have full advantage to study Computer Science by pursuing one and only BCA.

Let’s talk about the fact where people usually get confused regarding the course BCA and B.Tech. University Grant Commission (UGC) and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) are the two most distinguished organization that provides higher studies in India. BCA under UGC norms comes for 3years duration whereas, B.Tech under AICTE norms comes for 4years.

As per the syllabus coverage, both are concentrating at the same point with very few subject difference. BCA is the course where the students learn the exact application of JAVA, C++, C, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, XML, etc. This helps the students to get absorbed rapidly in the IT sector or can continue with higher studies.

Regarding placement, both B.Tech and BCA possess the equal opportunity to get placed in the IT sectors like WIPRO, TCS, CTS, COGNIZANT, AMAZON, and more as such in position as a Coder, Program Analyst trainee, NetworkAdmisitrator, System administrator. The difference remains with the package as per NASSCOM (for BCA average initial package of 1.8 Lac to 2.0 Lac. For B.Tech, the average initial package starts at 2.25 Lac to 2.4 Lac, which inflates after some time with the expertise and growing experiences.

However, the advantages do not stop here. Once you complete the BCA course, one can go for MCA to deep down the subject more vastly for three more years or can pursue MBA. Some of the IT industries facilitates their employee with an opportunity to complete MCA while working. After completion of MCA, one can start their career as an employee in IT sector or as an academician in private or government sector or even can go further for higher studies like Ph.D., Post Doctorate.

One can even join the Research and Development Cell in the private or government sector. Nowadays the Government of India is focusing deep in the concept of entrepreneurship and trying to develop the environment by providing workshop, seminar, etc., which is also a great opportunity for the Computer Knowledge grads with Bachelor or Master Degree.

Since the approach of digitization is to make available every requirement through online services/applications either using desktop or smartphones, so one can indulge into the development of mobile applications, e-commerce site, etc., to bloom the career as an entrepreneur. So without any hesitation, we should concentrate on the quotes of Malcolm X who stated that “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

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