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Beauty Khatoon a simple girl, from a small town Jaigaon who has a clear purpose in life is our next feature for Rising Star. Well she is the lucky one in her family, who got the opportunity to pursue her higher education. Presently she is doing her final year of Bachelor of Computer Application. Her purpose in working hard is to prove to her family that girls can also be successful in life. Even in this era, we have people who feel that it is not necessary for a girl child to study, well she is from such a family. She feels that if she proves herself then it can open opportunity for the other girl children in her family to go ahead with their higher studies.

A very positive person who feels that winning is not everything but trying to do everything is that matters. From a very young age, she has been associated with NGOs to work for the upliftment of girl children in her village. She was part of various activities like taking classes for those who did not go to school, helped in creating documents like birth certificates etc for those who didn’t have and also rescuing girl children from abusive parents.

Beauty’s dance performance at Ethnic Day celebrations

Well, her goal once she becomes a successful person is to bring in the facilities that are required in the government school in her village so that the children can have a better environment to study. Inspiria is proud to have students like her who are focused on their own life as well as trying to improve the living conditions of the underprivileged. She is an active member of the college Women Cell, Computing club, etc.

A girl with a purposive attitude to transform the future of girl children.

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