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Dancing, singing, ramp walk, theatre, cooking, you name it he is ready to try his hands at anything. Nitin Joseph second year student of the Department of Hospitality Management is our next feature for the Rising Star series. As a child, his dream was to become a dancer, as there was no support from the family he had to let go of this dream. Being a very positive person this phase of his life did not stop him from trying the next best thing that was close to his heart, “singing”.

Born into a family with lots of singers it was not difficult for him to take up the new talent. His voice has a very soothing effect which captures the attention of the audience. Music has become his life, he is a self-learnt guitarist but his forte is drumming. He has even given up on playing football so that he can give his full potential towards singing.


Apart from all this, his passion is cooking. It is this passion for cooking that encouraged him to pursue Hospitality Management. He is a person who can give up anything for his family, he is still studying in Siliguri because he gave up his dream of going out so that his brother can pursue Medicine. As a social being, he desires to counsel the children begging on the streets and give them sanctum.

His aim in life is to graduate from Hill Song Music School, to become a Worship Leader and start his own hotel in Canada. Inspiria is proud to be part of the development of such students who are ready to explore all possibilities of life.

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