Career in Bartending: How to become a bartender

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Some people change your life for the better – they’re called bartenders.

Have you ever thought about what it’s like behind the bar? Beyond the clinking glasses and laughter-filled atmosphere lies a world of creativity, skill, and endless possibilities.

Indian society has opened considerably from its conservative moorings during the last three decades. Dining out with family and friends has become increasingly popular, and so also the pub culture. As the hospitality sector keeps on growing at frantic speed, the demand for a number of new vocations such as a career in bartending has also come in the lime and is now considered a legit and lucrative career option one can opt for in a world of hospitality.

Who is a Bartender

Befor jumping down on the career in bartending in India let’s first look into who a bartender is and what he does. A bartender is more than just drink mixers – they’re the architects of social experiences, blending hospitality, entertainment, and mixology into one seamless performance behind the bar. With a deep understanding of flavour profiles and ample of tricks and techniques, they craft drinks that tantalize the senses and leave a lasting impression.

But their role extends far beyond the cocktails they serve; they’re also hosts, and entertainers, and create a welcoming atmosphere where you feel like part of the family. Behind the scenes, bartending is a demanding profession that requires multitasking, physical stamina, and a keen eye for detail.

Bartenders handle everything from keeping track of what’s in stock to making sure everyone stays safe and follows the rules. They do all this while keeping up with the busy pace of the bar, showing professionalism and skill. They’re like the behind-the-scenes heroes of the hospitality world, making sure everything runs smoothly so everyone can have a good time.

Career in bartending: How to become a bartender

Becoming a bartender involves a combination of education, training, and hands-on experience. Here’s a general outline of the steps to become a bartender:

Gain Basic Knowledge

Start by familiarizing yourself with different types of alcohol, cocktails, and bar equipment. You can do this through online resources, books, or even by observing bartenders in action. Get fimiliar with new trends in bartending.

Take a Bartending Course:

Consider enrolling in a bartending course or workshop. These programs typically cover drink recipes, mixology techniques, customer service skills, and sometimes even job placement assistance. Look for bartending courses in India offered by reputable bartending schools or community colleges. While evaluating different courses, it’s essential to consider factors such as curriculum, duration, faculty expertise, and bartending course fees to find the best fit for your needs and budget.

Obtain Required Certifications:

Depending on your location, you may need certifications such as Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) or ServSafe Alcohol to legally serve alcohol. These certifications often involve completing a training course and passing an exam.

Gain Experience:

Seek opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the hospitality industry. You could start as a barback (assistant to the bartender), server, or host/hostess to familiarize yourself with the environment and learn from experienced professionals. By undergraduate degree in hotel management also offers hands-on training and internship opportunities in Bartending.

Build Skills and Knowledge:

Continuously hone your bartending skills by practising making cocktails, studying new trends in mixology, and learning about different types of spirits and ingredients.

Moreover, consider seeking mentorship from experienced bartenders who can offer guidance, share their insights, and provide valuable feedback on your skills and progress. Collaborate with colleagues and participate in cocktail competitions or tasting events to further challenge yourself and refine your abilities.

Network and Apply for Jobs:

Once you feel confident in your abilities, start networking with bar managers and owners in your area. Attend industry events, join professional organizations, and utilize online job boards to find job openings. Tailor your resume to highlight relevant skills and experiences.

Interview and Demonstrate Skills:

Prepare for interviews by showcasing your knowledge of cocktails, customer service skills, and willingness to learn. Some employers may ask you to demonstrate your bartending skills by making a few drinks during the interview process. Be prepared to answer bartending interview questions confidently.

Start Working and Continue Learning:

Once you land a bartending job, dive into your role with enthusiasm and dedication. Embrace every opportunity to learn from experienced colleagues, experiment with new recipes, and refine your craft. Bartending is a dynamic profession that rewards passion, creativity, and a commitment to excellence.

Bartending Job Opportunities:

Bartending offers a wide range of job opportunities across various settings within the hospitality industry. Here are some of the most common job opportunities in bartending:

Bars and Pubs:

Bars and pubs are the heart and soul of the bartending world, serving as timeless gathering spots where people come together to unwind, socialize, and enjoy a drink or two.

Working in a traditional bar or pub allows bartenders to develop their craft while catering to the varied tastes and preferences of their patrons. Whether it’s pouring a pint of beer, shaking up a classic cocktail, or recommending a local speciality, bartenders have the chance to showcase their skills and expertise behind the bar. It’s a dynamic and fast-paced environment where every interaction presents an opportunity to make a positive impression and leave a lasting impact on the customer experience.


Lots of fancy restaurants, especially the ones known for their delicious food or creative menus, hire bartenders to make special cocktails and suggest drinks that go perfectly with the dishes. These bartenders are like drink experts, coming up with tasty combinations that enhance the dining experience.

Here you get to be part of creating memorable meals for people, making sure every sip and bite is just right. Working as a bartender in a high-end restaurant is a great way to showcase your skills and be part of a team that’s all about delivering top-notch service and flavours.

Hotels and Resorts:

Bartenders in hotels and resorts have a lot to do to make sure guests have a great time. Their goal is to provide top-notch service, crafting delicious drinks in elegant surroundings. Whether it’s a classic cocktail at the bar or a refreshing beverage by the pool, these bartenders ensure that every drink enhances the guests’ experience, making their stay memorable and enjoyable.

Working in hotels and resorts allows bartenders to showcase their skills and contribute to the overall ambience of the establishment, providing guests with exceptional service and unforgettable moments.

Cruise Ships:

Bartenders who work on cruise ships have a special job: they serve passengers in the ship’s bars and lounges. It’s a cool gig because it lets you travel to different places while they work. Plus, they get to meet people from all over the world, making it a really interesting and diverse job. Being a bartender on a cruise ship means working in a lively environment where every day brings new adventures and experiences.


Casinos usually have bars where bartenders serve drinks to customers who are playing games or watching entertainment. It’s a fast-paced job because there are a lot of people, so bartenders have to be quick and efficient.

They also get to make fancy cocktails and special drinks for the guests, adding to the excitement of the casino atmosphere. Working as a bartender in a casino means being part of the action and providing top-notch service while keeping up with the lively vibe of the place.

Breweries and Distilleries:

If you’re a low-key person who doesn’t enjoy the rush and vibe of Restaurants and Pubs then, Breweries and Distilleries are always an option for you. Bartenders working at breweries and distilleries provide enriching experiences for visitors who are interested in learning about craft beer and spirits.

They offer guided tastings, tours of the facilities, and educational sessions that delve into the production process, ingredients used, and the unique characteristics of each product. By sharing their knowledge and passion for craft beverages, bartenders create engaging and memorable experiences that deepen visitors’ appreciation for the artistry behind brewing and distilling.

Freelance and Private Events:

Bartenders have the option to work independently or join bartending agencies, offering their services for various private events like parties, weddings, and corporate gatherings. Working independently, they can set their own schedules and take on gigs based on their availability and preferences.

Joining a bartending agency provides them with access to a wider range of events and clients, as the agency handles bookings and logistics. Whether working solo or with an agency, bartenders bring their expertise and hospitality to make any event a memorable one.

Teaching and Training:

Experienced bartenders may also pursue opportunities to teach bartending classes, lead workshops, or provide training for aspiring bartenders through bartending schools or educational programs.

By teaching, bartenders pass on their love for mixology and help shape the next generation of bartenders. They might collaborate with bartending schools or programs, sharing their knowledge to help others succeed. In doing so, they keep the craft of bartending alive and vibrant, ensuring that it continues to grow and evolve for years to come.

Bartender Jobs and Salaries:

Freshers Bartender

A junior bartender’s main job is to keep the bar tidy and make sure drinks look appealing by using stylish glasses. They usually make around Rs. 212,000 per year, which breaks down to about Rs. 17,666 per month on average.

Experienced Bartender

A senior bartender welcomes customers, gives them menus, and suggests special drinks. They also answer any questions customers have about the drinks on the menu. Senior bartenders typically earn around Rs. 480,000 per year, which comes to about Rs. 40,000 per month on average.


Indeed, bartending is an interesting and non-conventional career in the food and beverage department of the hotel and hospitality industry. It brings in rare, fun-filled experiences as bars are places always bustling with activity. A good bartender must be smart, witty, prompt and overall possess a pleasing personality exhibiting the right vibes.

The bartender must have great skills in preparing cocktails with a great sense of intuition to ascertain what mixes with what to deliver the right taste. They have to maintain the cleanliness of the bar and at the same time keep an eye on stocks so that the pub does not run dry.

So if any high school student desires to carve out a career in the classy comforts of a five star hotel bar, bartending provides just the right opportunity to fulfil the dream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can bartending be a good career?

In the end, whether bartending is a good fit for you depends on your personality, interests, and what you want to achieve. If you like meeting new people, love making drinks, and enjoy working in lively places, bartending could be a great career choice for you.

Q. How many types of bartenders are there?

The reality is, there are at least four different types of bartender, maybe more. For us it ultimately boils down to the type of bar they are working behind, is it a stand alone bar? A pub? Are you the resident barman in a trendy restaurant or wine bar?

Q. Who is the number one bartender in India?

Yangdup Lama is a bartender, bar owner, entrepreneur, author and mixologist based in India and is known to be one of India’s finest mixologists.

Q. What are the 3 rules of being a bartender?

There are three rules to Bartending. Don’t talk about politics, don’t talk about sports, and don’t talk about religion. Back in my previous life as a bartender, before I traveled around the world and then landed in real estate, these three rules were golden.

How can I join a cruise ship in India?

The Cruise Career in Mumbai lines often hold recruitment events, partner with agencies, or have online application portals. The process may include interviews, medical examinations, and background checks. At Inspire Academy, we also offer a Diploma in Travel And Tourism or Cabin Crew.

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