A Detailed Career Guide For Arts, Science & Commerce After Class 12th

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Are you waiting for your class 12th board exam results? Well, you must have considered stepping into your aspired career path by now. And, even if you haven’t, you’ve got plenty of time to figure it out. Whether it’s your love for designing, music, medicine, software, or law, we all sustain a dream within ourselves. And by the time you write your +2 board exams, the world expects y’all to decide on “what you want to do with your life”. So, the prolonged break after the class 12 board exams could be hard for many, because the people began to hurl questions regarding your “expected scores”, “career prospects”, “life” and so on. The saga of interrogations never ends.

Don’t worry, if people persuade you to drop your aspirations. Don’t get dismayed if you hear bias remarks about the subject and the career path you’ve decided to pursue. There will even be self-proclaiming ‘benefactors’ who fawn around you with a number of suggestions. They’d tell you what to consider and what not to, in order to do succeed in life. They’d never care to know your choices. So, matter what, do more of what nourishes your soul.

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Avoid constraints and pressures that others try to impose upon you. We all know that since decades, societies have fixed principles or set standards for making us choose a particular course in order to be a certain thing. However, life is too precious to be boxed and shackled by the limitations. So, defy everything that hinders your aspirations. Shun the restraints with a fearless and open mind.

It’s okay to have doubts and fears. You can resolve them by seeking help from your mentors, professionals. Look out for facts. Do more research and validate the results. Talk to the ones with similar interests and goals. Even if you fail in your endeavor, reap the benefits by learning from them. They say, “fall down seven times, get up eight”. So, sustain a positive outlook always. This can help you to a great extent and boost your confidence in everything you do.

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It’s an undeniable truth that misconceptions often devastate even the strongest beliefs. It often makes its way into our lives – in the crucial decisions we’re about to make. So you should ever be certain about your ambitions, lest the prejudices drop. Defy the misconceptions and stereotypes. They get powerful if you pay attention to them or believe in them.

Don’t yield to the pressure imposed by your parents, neither be confined within the self-created limitations and doubts. You own your life to create it, nourish it, sustain it throughout. So dream it, make it happen, and live it, passionately.

Whether you’ve chosen Arts, Commerce, Science in your 10+2 level, no matter how much marks you’ll obtain in your +2 board exams, the subject you’re passionate about will certainly open endless doors of opportunities for you. So let your beliefs and dreams ever grow stronger.

So, you think you need some more of unbiased career guidance for the subject you have chosen? Here’s a comprehensive career guide for Arts, Science, and Commerce streams, Scroll down to find your aspired intention.

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