Inspiria Strives To Bridge Educational Gap: Distributes Laptops To Students To Ensure Digital Literacy

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“The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts”

Since few years, technological advancements and the internet have improved access to learning. The endless number of e-learning platforms and skill development programs have emerged. Regardless of such advancements, the scenario is still unchanged in many parts of our country. The economic instability, inadequate support from the authorities, lacking resources obstruct the hopes for acquiring the education. In many cases, the self-imposed limitations – such as doubts, lacking information keep the students from reaching their aspired end. On the contrary, those who get access to education lack guidance on their career prospects. Many of whom simply enroll themselves in big colleges just to get a degree without any skills.

Students being provided free Laptop by Management

Colleges and Institution can promise us the degrees but education alone can prepare us for life. With this insight, Inspiria has come forward as a modern Pathfinder – for bridging this long existing gap. The college brings a host of professional learning programs and ensures employability to the youths. The College promotes equal rights and opportunities outside the classrooms through programs like Inspiring Leaders Talks, Toastmasters, etc. It extends world-class education for a diverse range of industry-oriented subjects. Inspiria once again declares free laptop distribution to the students enrolling for BCA course in 2019 and onwards. This initiative has been taken to ensure digital literacy and to bridge the socio-economic inconveniences and to shut the probable shortages in terms of learning.

Students being provided free Laptop by Management

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