Top Career Options For Arts Students: Tips For An Ideal Path After 12th!

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Career Options Arts Students: One of the biggest misconceptions is the idea that the best career options are available to those who study science at the plus two levels. The truth of the matter is that no stream or vocation is worthless as good students who excel in their respective subjects always do well in their careers. So whether it is is anything as rare or obscure as sericulture farming or honey bee cultivation if you are good at your job then you have a good career ahead. On the contrary, if you have a degree in a trending subject in a fashionable stream but you are not committed to it or you do not have the minimum expertise in that particular stream, your career will certainly not take off whatever or however good your degree is.Let’s consider the vocation of the art.

A number of art students might feel that they have no other opportunities except to get a degree and then sit for some competitive government job exams. If you think in this manner then you can never be more wrong. Arts has lots of interesting things to offer from the undergraduate level. The problem is the lack of awareness among students due to the tendency in our country to focus overtly on science. Now let us take a look at the number of options you have if you are from the science stream.

We begin with languages. Someone with an arts degree can opt for an Honours degree course in English, Bengali or Hindi. If you do well in your graduation in the subject, you can gain admission to a reputed university where you can complete your masters with good marks. You will have lots of options especially if you have an MA in English. The best option is college or university teaching which is not only lucrative but also a rewarding career. Vacancies for English professors are large as any college in any stream needs professors in English as this language is universally taught no matter whatever your stream is. The other options for English graduates are to work as editors or writers, or go into book publishing or join the creative world.

Besides English, the other options available to undergraduate students who have arts at the plus two level includes a degree in Mass Communication or Media Science or Film Studies or Graphics and Animation. All these are highly demanded courses which provide lots of lucrative career openings. This is the age of communication and media studies graduates have multiple options to opt for after passing their graduation. If they have good writing skills and a passion for politics and current events they can opt for a career in journalism. Once upon time journalism meant only newspapers; today we have television journalism, radio journalism, and most important online digital journalism which is the latest and the most popular trend. You can also opt for a career in Advertising, Public Relation, Event Management or Editing, and Copywriting. If you are from the film studies background you can aspire to become a scriptwriter or a director or even an actor after taking a specialization course following your graduate studies.

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Graphics and Animation provide yet another unique and trendy career option for students with arts backgrounds at the plus two levels. This course is for those who have a highly creative mind and who are looking for an exceptional career beyond the trodden path. The animation is used universally everywhere nowadays. Whether its filmmaking, advertisement production, computer graphics, billboard display, and many other areas, animation today is a must. A good animator is in high demand and can make a very promising career. And the best way to build a strong foundation as an animation artist is to enroll in an undergraduate degree course in graphics and animation. Committed students of animation realize after completing their graduation that the options are too many to choose from.

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Therefore if you are a student with just completed his/her plus two, don’t worry, you have lots of things to look forward to and multiple career options to choose from. All these subjects provide great opportunities for those who have a lot of talent and potential. All you have to do is to take the right decision, work hard, and look ahead. That’s all!

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