Differences Between BBA & BBA in Global Business

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Differences between BBA and BBA in Global Business lies in several aspects and thrust areas. To begin with, a general BBA program spans over three to four years and BBA in Global Business usually spans for three years. Whereas a general BBA focuses on fundamentals of various business aspects, BBA in Global Business provides for specific focus on the discipline of International Business and deals with cross border trade, import & export, outsourcing, trade & transaction of capital, technology, global strategic management & decision making, Cross-cultural communication, human resources and legal studies, business ethics, business law, corporate finance & accounting, and virtual communication.

A general BBA course covers a wide range of decisions that companies have to make, such as capacity planning, forecasting, product design, process selection, technology selection, design of facilities and jobs, management of supply chain, project management, inventory management, and maintenance management in order for businesses to run smoothly through professional vision. BBA programs can offer practical management training to progressively train students to work successfully in organizations of varying capacities.

BBA in Global Business, on the other hand, holds several projects incorporated across all semesters that make it immersive and competitive from directed efforts by the students pursuing the course. It teaches and trains students in accumulating and creating international business perspectives in trade and commerce along with the cross-cultural differences that exist across nations which create a direct effect on human relations and how businesses are managed globally.

The study program is based on a good understanding of entrepreneurship and small and medium to large-sized enterprises. The specialization imparts excellent knowledge in business that has a global reach and network, international finance and international trade to help you perform in a global business environment. You as a student will develop the ability to recognize business opportunities, analyze the risks and successfully manage international projects.

Therefore, international relations and global business strategies are taught with the support of immersive projects to students pursuing BBA in Global Business to make them truly competent to understand, analyze, appreciate and implement tactical decisions across broad global business scenarios in a comprehensive manner.

In today’s rapidly changing economies where the unpredictability of economic and entrepreneurial scenarios necessitate flexible management decision making and agility in doing business, BBA in Global Business attempts to mentally condition and train students with a set of evolved knowledge-based skills. The course further helps the students to contribute effectively to corporations and organizations that have business markets on a global scale and have operation centers in various parts of the world and for businesses that are looking to expand into international markets.

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