How will Education be in the Future?

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How will Education be in the Future?

The technology is impacting our lives at an immense scale and its growth is transforming the world at a rapid pace. The growth is so quick that we sometimes find challenging to keep up with its pace. In such a state, trying to predict the future of education can be tough.

Some people envision a progressive change in the learning methods using the advanced digital tools and technologies. Meanwhile, some fear that human intelligence will be replaced by the Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Some instructors think that technology will deprive them of the responsibilities of educating, as they assume that the primitive method of teaching in institutions might no longer exist.

But, the fact is, the Education or the learning culture will never cease to exist. However, we can predict that education in the future will adopt an advanced and innovative method.

So, here is the list of predictable and significant changes in education by the influence of the technological advancements in future.

1. Multiple e-learning platforms

The education will go through a radical transformation towards online programs with the aid of technologies. Various learning aspects and virtual reality will be included in terms of education. Innovative e-learning platforms will provide students with an excellent opportunity to learn to deal with issues and express their opinions online.

E-learning is cheap and it’s affordable even for someone with the low budget. According to statistics in 2016, 71% of learners believe that virtual learning gives more freedom and flexibility to attend classes.

Physical presence is not needed in e-learning, which allows a learner to maintain a sound balance between work, study, and the family commitments. This eventually makes learning possible even in the farthest corner of the world.

2. Individual or Personalized study

E-learning will provide personalized learning due to which, an individual can get access to the authentic and self-paced curriculum. As per reports, 93% of the educators acknowledge that personalized education improves learning and fill the performance gaps.

The future education technology improves the potential of a learner and increases their creativity. Students will learn with customized study tools as per one’s capabilities.

Consequently, students will be tested with tougher tasks and topics after reaching a certain level. The ones who find difficulty in a certain subject will get the opportunity to prepare and study more until the required level is reached.

3. The growth of EdTech and Project-based education

With technology, learning procedure will become more practical and innovative. The learners will be evaluated on problem-solving skills and analytical thinking. The manual examination will be replaced by creative projects.

It is obvious that numerous apps for the teachers will be created for efficiently delivering information to the learner. Besides, toys that teach robotics, games that teach the kids coding, etc., will be developed.

The flourishing technologies will aid in the effective teaching and learning process in a considerable manner. As per statistics, 96% of educators are convinced that edtech improves student’s urge for learning. Edtech in the institutions enhances digital knowledge and empowers the learners to gain expertise in technical skills, such as coding.

Project-based learning, on the other hand, blends creativity and cooperation in resolving hard tasks and subjects. It also renders participation and relationship with the real world, the profound and all-around learning.

4. Set-Up Social and Emotional skills

Skills like creativity, communication, collaboration, analytical thinking, and problem-solving will become the mandatory proficiency in the modern professional field. The future specialists will notice a tremendous increase in the jobs that demand the mentioned above skill-set.

According to a study, there was an 11% growth in academic performance in those who participated in the fact-based Social and Emotional skills programs than those who did not!

Thus, the education in the future will further focus on rendering Social and Emotional skills via supporting group work, discussions, problem-solving, etc. which will be a major element to help the professionals thrive in the workplace of future.

To encourage the extra improvement, parents too will support the children in improving Social and Emotional skills by being connected to learning and rendering a secure and ideal atmosphere.

5. Teaching and Guiding

Throughout the world, a teacher acts as an organizer to help the learners improve their behavior in terms of literacy and logic. No matter whatever professional standard will arise, teachers will wholeheartedly extend the learning methods for the students to help them gain all the required skills.

Statistics from ‘The New Teacher Project’ says that the teacher should evolve their skills in concept in such a way that allow the learners to personalize their plans.

The thriving technology will not only bring an extreme change in the education in the future but also impact the role of a teacher. The role and responsibilities of a teacher will transcend beyond the boundaries of a classroom.

Apart from rendering education, a teacher will further carry the responsibility of recognizing the values, interests, and strengths of a learner. Whenever a learner seeks guidance, the key responsibility of a teacher will be to assist them as mentors.


Besides all these, future education technology will assist in unique learning methods best suiting their needs and depending upon their capabilities. The textbooks in classrooms are replacing by the learning software.

AI, educational software, machine learning, and modern educational methods will not only change the future of education but further evolve the role of the educators too.

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