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One of the most on-demand career paths today is Management. Everyone wants to join that bandwagon of high-level-management and be the best in the corporate world. A vital stepping-stone to grab that managerial position is to provision yourself with an MBA degree. As reputed as this course is, it becomes very hard to find an ideal institution to best acquire this degree. This can depend on a lot of factors: the city, location of the campus, infrastructure and faculty among others. Also, to be in close proximity to your home/hometown or faraway matters a lot when deciding. If you are one of those people who likes to be near your hometown, then this post is certainly for you. So here are top 10 reasons why you should study MBA in Siliguri

1. Location

The first and foremost reason to pursue your MBA degree in Siliguri has to be because of where it is located. Siliguri is one of the biggest cities in North Bengal and is a hub for everything you can think of. The best part is it’s juxtaposition. Being a host of the nearest railway station and airport for its neighbouring state Sikkim and other places like Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Siliguri is a gateway to Northeast. This city is also just 146.2 Kms away from Bhutan, which makes travel to Bhutan less than 4 hours journey.

2. Variety of Colleges to choose from

Planning to do an MBA in Siliguri might be one of the best decisions because there are a variety of colleges in the city that you can choose from. From University of North Bengal to named colleges like Inspiria Knowledge Campus and Siliguri Institute of Technology, the city is packed with institutes that provide MBA degree programmes.

3. Exchange of Culture

It becomes really easy for people of these places to come to Siliguri and pursue their higher studies. The city is in close proximity to Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Sikkim, Jalpaiguri, Bagdogra and various other places. Because of this geographical demographic, there is a lot of cultural diversity in the campuses. From exchange in languages to food and various other cultural elements, this city can be called mini India in itself.

4. Quality education with High competition

Students in campuses here are not only from different places but also from diverse educational backgrounds. With so much diversity, it is a given that competition only goes upwards. The colleges offer a broad and versatile curriculum making the campus life competitive, which in turn brings out the best in students.

5. Low cost of Living

The cost of living in Siliguri is quite low as compared to other big cities. Variety of hostels and paying guests are easily available. Students wanting to live alone can also find good places for rent within an affordable price range. As far as the cost of travel and food is concerned, it comes down to a pretty low number in a month.

6. Good Transportation

Transport facilities in Siliguri are pretty good. Whether public or other types, everything is readily available in the city. Popular means of transport in the city are buses, auto rickshaws, rickshaws, cabs and tuk tuks. Fares are also reasonably priced.

7. Safety

The biggest concern when living off in a city alone is safety disregarding your gender identity. But unlike other big cities, Siliguri can be considered fairly safe. With commute options available for most part of the day, safety concerns lessens as transport plays a huge role in this.

8. A paradise for Foodies

With mixed culture and so many ethnicities residing here, the option for food also broadens. From North Indian food to South Indian, Mughlai, Sikkimese, Nepali and of course Bengali food you get to taste almost all kinds of Indian cuisines. Whether fine dining at a restaurant or eating puchkas along the roadside, all of your food fantasies will be fulfilled.

9. A shopping hub

Siliguri town is known for its various markets. Hong Kong market where you can get low priced chinese goods is a hot place for shoppers. Alongside it is the Seth Srilal market which is a hub for fashion lovers. Apart from this Siliguri also has shopping malls like City Centre, Vega Circle and Cosmos which is a perfect hangout place for youths.

10. Amusement Hub

Siliguri also has to offer a lot of weekend getaways in the form of various amusement parks nearby. Savin Kingdom and Dreamland are some famous parks which are jam packed during weekends. These places are perfect for clearing your mind and dealing with stress.

Top MBA Colleges in Siliguri

1. Inspiria Knowledge Campus
Courses offered: MBA (General), MBA Entrepreneurship
Course Type: Full Time
Course Duration: 2 years
Campus Address: Himachal Vihar, Phase – II, Matigara, Siliguri – 734 010, Dist- Darjeeling, West Bengal, India.
Phone: +91-890075555

2. University of North Bengal
Courses offered: MBA (General)
Course Type: Full Time
Course Duration: 2 years
Campus Address: Campus Address: Raja Rammohunpur, P.O. – N.B.U., District – Darjeeling, Pin – 734013, West Bengal, India

3. Siliguri Institue of Technology
Courses offered: MBA (General)
Course Type: Full Time
Course Duration: 2 years
Campus Address: S.I.T Campus, Salbari, Hill Cart Road, P.O. – Sukna, Siliguri, Pin Code – 734009, West Bengal, India

4. The Edge College
Courses offered: MBA CA+
Course Type: Full Time
Course Duration: 2 years
Campus Address: Reshmi Apartment, Opp Siliguri College,College para, Ashutosh Mukherjee Rd. Siliguri West Bengal, India

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