Mobile App Mockup Design 2022: Encouraging student’s skills in creativity and social responsibilities 

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“The ultimate victory in competitions is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give” 

Mobile App Mockup Design is an annual interdepartmental event organized by the Computing Club of Inspiria Knowledge Campus. This year, it was scheduled for 23rd February 2022 from 2:00 pm onwards. The judges of this competition were Mr. Anirban Nandi and Mr. Pritam Das. Providing them with an insight into understanding the landscape illumination strategies.

As the event name suggests, the main task was to create the mobile screen design on the provided theme of this year which was ‘E-commerce or E-learning’. The objective of the event was the upliftment of talent, creativity, innovative thinking, and social responsibilities of students. For the event, participants had the opportunity to show their creative and innovative ideas with their designs. It was particularly proud of the efforts to reach out to the students in the event, with about 21 participants from 7 different departments. 

The two hosts Rishika Thapa (BCA-2020) and Santanu Majumdar (BCA-2021) initiated the event with a joyful aura. Thereafter, the participants presented their presentations/designs and explained their topics. The judges shared their views and marked the positive and negative points to the participants. 

In the end, our Head of Academics Mr. Indrajeet Chatterjee, and Mr. Rahul addressed the audience and participants with their encouraging words and also graced the award ceremony with their presence. The winners of the competition were Rashica Goyal(BMAGD,3rd Year) and Ankit Agarwal(BBA GB, 3rd Year), the 2nd position was earned by Fazle Haque(BMAGD,2nd Year) and 3rd position or 2nd runner up was given to Tanishq Bansal (BBA AT&A,1st Year) and Keshab Garg(BBA AT&A,1st Year). 

The main objective of the event was served to both audience and participants. The event served as a useful platform for students to enhance their skills and knowledge, some faced their fear and won, some learned to build confidence, and some acknowledged their weak points but they also learned. And that was how the two hosts ended the event saying, “It’s not always a win-win but we always learn right?”

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