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What are NCERT Solutions?

NCERT Solutions are the solved questions from the NCERT textbooks. At the end of each chapter in the textbook various exercises are given for the students to solve. Solving these exercises ensure that the students are thorough with the concepts given in the chapter. Thus, NCERT Solutions i.e. solved exercises from an NCERT textbook is a vital study material.

Contents in NCERT are designed and presented in a simple way which doesn’t take long to understand. A basic concept is introduced first then ascending to higher levels, which makes understanding concepts easy. These solutions come in very handy during the revision period for exams. NCERT Solutions are considered one of the quickest ways to revise. With each solution, a student can go through the concepts once again. Not only that but such solutions reference is also recommended for various competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, NEET, UPSC among many others. Today, you’ll find a whole bunch of websites which provide NCERT Solutions. This can sometimes be confusing to a lot of students. To clear out this confusion we have made a list of top 5 websites for NCERT Solutions which are generally advised by the experts.

What is NCERT

NCERT, National Council of Education, Research and Training is an organisation set up by the government to promote qualitative improvement in Indian school education. Established in 1961, the organisation is responsible for development and publication of textbooks for CBSE affiliated schools. Apart from textbooks it is also responsible for developing educational kits and multimedia digital materials to help students with their studies. The whole CBSE curriculum is based entirely on NCERT.

Top 5 Websites for NCERT Solutions

Learn CBSE

It is one of the top go to websites when looking for NCERT solutions. The site offers a wide range of solutions be it Maths or History, for Class 6th or Class 12th you will get everything here. Apart from NCERT Solutions the site also offers general Knowledge, Revision notes and various other concepts. Once you go to Learn CBSE’s Website, you can choose your class, choose the desired chapter and you will be able to access the study material. The solutions are given topic wise which makes it really easy to find a particular topic.

Learn CBSE NCERT Solution Class 1 To Class 12  – Check Here


Byju’s is undoubtedly one of the biggest EdTech companies in India. The site offers a variety of study material and NCERT Solutions is one of them. Once you enter Byju’s website, you’ll see solutions on the navigation menu. There they have solutions from Class 1 to 12 in descending order. Each class then offers the subjects you want to study with a further breakdown to chapters.

Byju’s NCERT Solution Class 1 To Class 12  – Check Here


Like Byju’s, Vedantu is another online tutoring Edtech firm which is gaining a lot of popularity. . Vedantu also provides NCERT Solutions from class 12th to 1st.

Vedantu NCERT Solution Class 1 To Class 12 – Check Here

Topper Learning

Topper learning is another edusite referred by many experts and students. The site is not only host to CBSE material but also offers study materials for other national and state boards. When you visit this site you can find NCERT Solutions in the Textbook solutions under Study Material Section.

Topper Learning NCERT Solution Class 1 To Class 12  – Check Here

Tiwari Academy

Tiwari Academy makes it to this list because the website is easy to navigate and you are redirected to the desired topic step by step. You can select the required class under NCERT Solutions. From there you will be redirected to a new page where you can choose the subject and the same process repeats for Chapter and Exercises respectively. They also offer the study materials in Hindi for Hindi Medium students.

Tiwari Academy NCERT Solution Class 6 To Class 12  – Check Here

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