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The simple yet confident Nikhil Agarwal is our next feature in Rising Stars. Nikhil had been the school captain in his early years and had a great affinity towards engineering. Being a bright student, Nikhil managed to clear JEE Mains and qualified for pursuing engineering as a career. But misfortune stuck him when his family’s deteriorating financial resources forced him to give up his preferred choice of career. However, Nikhil remained unstoppable. An optimist by heart, Nikhil believes that all that happens is for good and that all dreams, no matter how big can be realized from anywhere. His love for technology and computer programming in particular opened avenues of opportunity in front of him and he decided to pursue his career in Computer Science at Inspiria Knowledge Campus. Nikhil actively participates in all college events and believes that more exposure to people and events would help him get rid of his fear of speaking.

He likes creating useful things from scrap materials and he devotes considerable time to learning new ideas from Youtube. In addition to being an ardent music lover, Nikhil loves playing snooker too. He dreams of being an ethical hacker and helping his father in every possible way. He also wishes to help young people enjoy youth in a real tangible manner. Nikhil can be an example to every youngster who is going through challenges in life and wishes to turn around with a fiery zeal. As Nikhil says, “Life is what you want to make out of it” – this mantra surely would inspire many to realize their potentials and make real good living out of their lives.

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