Priyanka Kumari – The Vivacious

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Priyanka Kumari, the tirelessly chirping bird of cheerfulness is our next feature for the Rising Star. A girl of strong conviction and vision thinks of the college as her own family and helps everyone around, trying to make everybody happy. She likes to always remain with her group of friends. A very sensitive and emotional person for whom if an opinion is created then it is very difficult to change.

As a student of BCA, she has a strong affinity towards technology and wishes to someday become a successful ethical hacker. She has recently been awarded by the college for her efforts in not only studies but her voluntary and devoted efforts in Insvaganza 2017. She hosted two events successfully and she is very thankful to the college for helping her polish her innate talents. She is a follower and sticks to what has been told to her, She loves coming to the college and has 99.9% attendance by far the highest in the college.

The BCA topper measures herself as an adventurous person and likes to learn things with childlike innocence and concentration. She considers her family as a pillar to her being obedient and her friends are a precious possession that she in no way wishes to lose.

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