Siddharth Agarwal – Mr Insvaganza 2017

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Mr Insvaganza 2017, Siddhartha Agarwal BBA 1st year student is our next feature for Rising Star. Titled by his peers in school as “day dreamer”, he is one in its actual sense. He dreams of becoming one of the greatest models of India but due to some family issues his dream has always stayed a dream. But Insvaganza 2017 gave wings to this dream. A native of Nepal but settled in Siliguri has various interest like photography, automobiles, gadgets etc. Siddhartha had a desire to pursue Mass Communication but as family is into business, he opted for Business Administration. His family business of trekking items have also created an interest in him for adventure sports. His love for this sport has already helped him taste the essence of bungee jumping, paragliding and zip flyer. His next attempt is towards scuba diving and skydiving.

It is his interest in vehicles that lead him and his team to win the third place for Business Plan competition at Nasscom and second place at Innovision 2016. The next step for “Easy Wheels” is the YI competition in Bangalore. The aim of this business plan “Easy Wheels “ is to create a revolution in the automobile servicing market. Siddhartha feels it’s a way to bring out his creativity in modification of vehicles.

He is a very friendly person and loves to make friends, or as said by him, his world is his friends. Siddhartha is very close to his mom and a very loving person. He believes in destiny and let’s wish that one-day destiny will make him one of the biggest models of the glamour industry as his heart desires.

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