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Sports Management Degree is ideal for someone who wishes to integrate their passion for sport with business skills to build a fulfilling career in the fields of sports.

If you are someone with the same objective, then this blog is for you.

Sports Management Course equips the students with industry-relevant skills and concepts associated with Management, Marketing, Finance, and Law related to the sports sector.Sports Management Program is designed to help you understand the outline of the business aspect of a sports industry with the practice of modern trends and technologies.Throughout the course, you will acquire an extensive set of skills.However, some of the most valuable skills are critical thinking, problem-solving, attention to detail and, communication skills, which are essential for every situation.Whether you’re dealing for a sponsorship contract for a regional event or a multimillion-bucks contract for a player or team you oversee, the skills you acquire during a Sports Management Degree Program help you to a great extent in the real world.

Why choose a career in the sports Management Sector?

Despite the existence of a pandemic, Sports Industry is regarded as a growing industry as the reports predict the sports market to surpass a whopping value of $614 billion by 2022.

While like any other industry, Sports Market has been bitterly affected by the existing coronavirus pandemic, experts assert that Sports Industry will certainly bounce back in a more forceful and contemporary approach, which sounds quite exhilarating!

The sports sector generates multidimensional career options. It not only employs the athletes but a huge group of population with miscellaneous roles to make a career in this sector.

The sports sector is one of the most sought-after industries that lets you pursue your passion and yet enables you to give back to the community either through your work or by inspiring the younger generations.

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Course overview – BBA Sports Management

India is one of the several nations that have profited from the rapid growth of the global sports market.
However, the rise of the covid-19 pandemic has degenerated the already disorganized sports Industry in India.
To fix this issue, we need more Sports Management professionals in India.
The declining rates of covid-19 cases in India give us the surety of great opportunities in the Sports Industry in India where the prospects for managerial positions are quite high.

A degree in Sports Management or specialization in Sports Management delivers insight into various responsibilities involved in the Management of sports.
Such as Administrative Functions, Marketing & Promotion, Sponsorships, Negotiations, Governance & Law, Sports Technologies, Facility Planning, Sports Event Management, etc.
On the contrary, the Physical Education lesson helps obtain a holistic understanding of Coaching, Anatomy & Physiology, Sports Science, Tackling Injuries, Strength & Conditioning, Kinesiology, and Biomechanics.
As a career in Management, Sports Management offers an extraordinary combination of both of the prior aspects which leads to the general growth of learners as future professionals in the field of sports.
Sports Management at Inspiria Knowledge Campus (affiliated to MAKAUT) is specially designed to provide a thorough understanding of the diverse elements of Sports Management and Physical Education.

BBA Sports Management Course Objectives

To Gain knowledge in core competency areas of the industry.
To identify and understand the factors that shape sport in a culture.
To understand sport management and the evolution of this discipline as a profession.
To be able to apply the functions of planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating to a variety of sports organizations.
To demonstrate the concepts of strategic planning and resource allocation in the sports industry.
To practice fundamental marketing and promotion concepts in the sports industry.
To identify and apply various legal aspects in the sport industry
To understand and describe various roles and duties of the sports governing bodies across the globe.
To evaluate policies and processes in various sport governing bodies.
To get an overall understanding of various technologies used in sports.
To organize various sports events effectively and efficiently.
To understand the anatomy, basic biomechanical principles, and terminology
To determine factors involved with the development, fitness levels, and training strategies.
To understand and utilize various training methods.

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BBA Sports Management Course Duration

The duration of the full-time BBA Sports Management degree program is 3 years.

Fee Structure for BBA Sports Management Program

Semester – I – Rs.40000
Semester – II – Rs.40000
Semester – III – Rs.40000
Semester – IV – Rs.40000
Semester – V – Rs. 40000
Semester VI 40000
Total 240000 (One Time Payment).

Eligibility for BBA Sports Management Program

The eligibility for the BBA Sports Management program 10+2 passed with 50% marks. Students from any stream are eligible to enroll in BBA Sports Management Course.

BBA Sports Management Undergrad Program Syllabus

The Syllabus/Course Module are as per the West Bengal University of Technology Curriculum. The medium of instruction shall be in English only.

Year 1
English –I
Statistics – I
Computer Applications– I
Organization and Management in Sports
Foundations of Amateur and Prof. Sports
Language Laboratory
Computing Lab
English –II
Statistics – II
Computer Applications – II
Contemporary Issues in Sports
Ethics in Sports
Public Speaking on Assigned Topic
Computing Lab pic
Computing Lab

Year 2
Principles of Management
Business Communication
Financial Accounting
Sports Training and Conditioning
Leadership Principles in Sports
Managing Sports Events
Financial Management-I
Marketing Management-I
Human Resource Management-I
Advertising, Public Relation, and Sponsorship in Sports
Sports Facilities Planning and Management
First Aid and CPR

Year 3
Basics of Sports Medicine & Nutrition
Sports Marketing
Managing and Promoting Sports Events
Spectator Management
Funding in Sports
Defense of Project
Sports Law and Risk Management
Psychology of Sports
Managing Sports Organization
Sports Media and Event Management
Administration of Games & Leisure Plex
Comprehensive Viva

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Where to study BBA Sports Management Undergrad Program in Siliguri?

Searching for College of Sports Management in Siliguri? Inspiria Knowledge Campus offers a 3-year professional degree program in Sports Management.
Inspiria is affiliated with the esteemed educational establishment MAKAUT.
The first of its kind to impart world-class education in Siliguri, the campus is rated the best College of Sports Management.


Why choose Inspiria for an undergrad program?

Professional degree programs offered at Inspiria are approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

It is rated the best AICTE approved college in Siliguri by top reviewing websites like College Dunia and many others.

Inspiria Knowledge Campus is a proactive institution that not only focuses on education but seeks to make the youths employable by equipping them with the right industry skills.

This next-generation institution also focuses on fostering entrepreneurial acumen in the students.

Inspiria is one of the pioneer educational institutions in India to set up its exclusive state-of-the-art incubation center “InHub” to support and incubate the aspiring entrepreneurs in the region.

The campus runs on a state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure industry-specific learning and skill development.

The campus is equipped with a broad range of facilities like modern labs, recording rooms, libraries to boost learning.

To support the extracurricular activities the campus has theatrical arenas, well-equipped, gymnasium, basketball court, cricket pitch, badminton court, and many more.

The faculty members are efficient and helpful who retains years-long experience in the sports management field.

For more information, please visit the provided link below.

Sports Management Degree Admission 2021
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Campus Address:
Inspiria Knowledge Campus
Matigara Phase – II Himachal Vihar, Siliguri, West Bengal 734010, India

How to reach Inspiria Knowledge Campus?

Inspiria Knowledge Campus

Inspiria Knowledge Campus is located in urban suburbs amidst a peacefully green area of Himachal Vihar – Phase II at Matigara, Siliguri.
The main point of entry to the sector is Dr. Chhang’s Mode just at the fringe of City Center Mall.

You can either follow a Google map or seek help with the directions from a toto driver. If you are commuting to the Campus via public transport, then you need to get down at City Center, get to Dr. Chhang Mode, get into a toto which will drive you to the campus.
It will take about 6-7 minutes to reach the campus from Dr. Chhang Mode.

For any assistance or help regarding counselling please feel free to contact us anytime at +91-8900755550. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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