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Once upon a time sports was all about games – competition, fun, prizes and keeping yourself fit. Now no more. Today sports means big, big money. Be it baseball, boxing, football, cricket or golf – millions of dollars are at stake in any international or national level event. Successful sport stars are millionaires and some billionaires.

When India hosted the cricket world cup for the first time in 1887, the total amount spent on sponsoring the event was reportedly Rs 10 crores. Today, international cricket tournaments involve multiple crores of rupees while in the Indian Premier League; players who are yet to represent the country earn a few crores every year. One can imagine the amount earned by top international stars.

This just illustrates how sports in India have graduated from being government sponsored events to a multi-billion industry. Today we have a number of big sports events in the annual calendar which are money spinning events too such as Indian Premier League, Hockey Premier League, Indian Super league, Pro Kabaddi league. The earning comes mainly from ticket sales, TV broadcast rights and sale of space commercial billboards and hoardings displayed on the ground.

Therefore sports in India today mean big business. And as in all big businesses, the sports sector too needs well trained business professionals for successful running of the business. What is required is a team of professionals who not only have a basic understanding of the game but are also capable of working behind the scene to organize matches, monitor team finances, and negotiate contracts of athletes. Thus sports management professional should have a more than an average interest in sports as well as

professional training in business management. To fill this gap in the ever growing sports industry in the country, a degree in Sports Management from a professional institution is the need of the hour. Qualified sports management professional will be able to manage the business and governance of sports at all levels. As the sector grows the scope for sports management professional are huge.

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There are a number of reasons you should study sports management in Inspira Knowledge Campus, Matigara, Siliguri.

First there is no other institution which offers Sports Management as an undergraduate degree course, that too in a BBA format.

Second, Inspiria has great infrastructural facilities with football/cricket field, basketball/badminton courts, a volleyball court as well and an excellent gym as well.

The teachers are equipped with the latest tools and techniques in the subject area. What’s more, you have experts from the industry visiting the institution on a regular basis for practical hands-on training. Class-room teaching experience is enhanced with IT-enabled interactions in a digital environment. All in all, you have everything that takes to develop yourself into a top grade sports management professional.

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