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So the great journey has begun. Inspiria Knowledge Campus was bustling with activity as the students turned up excited for the first day of college. The campus was lit up with the laughter and chattering of the students.

The day began with an introductory session from 9.30 in the morning in the seminar hall which was cramped with students with the inaugural address by the principal Dr. Malay Kanti Karanjai who welcomed the related to discipline and academics.

The Head of Operations Mr. Rahul Gupta next addressed the students welcoming them on behalf of the Inspiria management. Mrs. Sherry George gave an insight into the vision, focus, the things expected from the students, and about the various activities happening in the college till date. The members of Team Inspiria was introduced by Miss Jyoti. Later the students introduced themselves, it was a platform where the whole family got to know each other.

Mr. Swagato Chowdhury of the department of Hospitality Management delivered a detailed presentation covering all aspects of the menace of ragging and its consequences.

The students were then sent to the labs for a training on Google Classroom. They were then sent to their respective classrooms, where they were addressed by their department faculty members.

Time to wish cheers and success to Inspiria as the long journey begins.

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