Why do a BCA course?

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In this age of Computers and everything being digitalized, knowledge about machines is very important. It helps the person have a distinct advantage over the others who do not have a degree in Computer Applications. The domain is growing at a rapid pace. In the 1990’s with the advent of globalization computers grew in prominence and slowly started to replace the paper and files in offices. It brought down the cost to quite an extent.

What is bachelor of computer applications (BCA)?

Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) is a three year undergraduate degree course which is divided into six semesters. It is equal to the Bachelor in Technology (B.Tech) course taken up by students often. Students will be taught subjects which are related to the technological applications that are required in today’s practical work field.

Skills to be learnt

Students who opt for a Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) will get skills and information not only about Computer and Information Technology but also in communication, organization and management. One also get to learn programming languages such as Java, C++, HML, SQL, etc. Information about various computer applications and latest developments in IT and communication systems is also provided.

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Career opportunities

Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) gives a number of opportunities to individuals to go ahead and shine in their lives. The opportunities available for people doing BCA are galore. A few of them being like Software Programmer, System and Network Administrator, Web Designer, Faculty for Computer Science/Communication Technology, etc. The range of chances in Information Technology (IT) are immense. Some are creative while others are highly technical.

Future scope

Those who have completed their BCA (Bachelor in Computer Applications) it gives them an added advantage if they work in some organization for a few years and then do their MCA (Masters in Computer Applications). After completing their masters one becomes specialized in that particular field. It gives a distinct advantage to the students.

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List of Top 10 BCA Colleges in India


The degrees of BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) and MCA (Masters in Computer Applications) gives the person a distinct advantage in the field of Information Technology but an additional degree of Mobile App Design can also be done by them. It will give them a distinct upper hand above the others in the field. One needs to remember that apps are the flavor of the season. This additional degree can help in turning a great idea into reality. It can land one either with a job or a startup business that we always wished or had an eye on.

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4 Responses

  1. sir I m totally confused how b.tech. and bca are same can u tell me…coz I m worried abt my career so which course sud I choose….plz if possible : my ph no.: 8670931876

    1. Hi Nikhil, thanks for writing us. Our Career Advisors will soon call you & help you with your question. Mean while, some points for you:

      There are many advantages that are offered by the BCA course with respect to the B.Tech course. These advantages include:

      • The syllabus of the two course is more or less the same, but the B.Tech CSC candidates have a more in depth knowledge of the Computer where as the candidates of BCA has more in depth knowledge of the computer languages as well as its various applications.

      • The duration of the BCA course is three years where as the duration of the B.Tech course is four years. Thus, in the end the candidate of the BCA end up in having a year more work experience as compared to the B.Tech candidates which acts a boon to the BCA candidates in the long run.

      • The IT Sector is looking for young guns who have more knowledge of the computer languages as well as its various languages. Thus, the BCA candidates are always one step ahead to their B.Tech counter part in this context.

      • Also the candidates belonging to the BCA course are having more foreign job offers then compared to their B.Tech counter part. With companies like Global Microsoft making plans to expand their business as well as these circuit, it will be a matter of days that these candidates will be in prime demand.


      Looking at the various points, we can safely conclude the extreme demands op the BCA course candidates as well as the various advantages associated with them. Thus it will be safe to conclude that doing BCA is a advantageous choice as compared to the normal B.Tech in CSC stream.

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  2. Hello, Do you provide some certificate course as well as currently I’m in 3rd sem of bca and want to learn scripting language?

  3. Sir i m confusing about that after BCA it is good to do MCA in agra or should i go for another state in a fame college so that i could get a better job opportunity?
    And one more it is possible that i do job after BCA and higher degree like MBA or MCA at the same time..
    Plz reply to my queries i m very worried about choosing about my carrier..

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