Wine tasting & wine training workshop by Sula vineyard

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Inspiria organises an enriching session on Wine training & wine tasting by Sula Vineyard for Hospitality Management Students An enriching session on Wine tasting & wine training was conducted on 15th March 2019 by Mr. Soham Poddar ( Asst. Manager testing & marketings) at Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri.Enthusiastic undergraduate Hospitality Management students of the college attended the workshop to get an in-depth knowledge and learning about  different types of wines , and their characteristics , food pairing with various wines, & tast of each variety of wines( including white , red and sparkling wine ).

Wine tasting & wine training workshop by Sula vineyard

The session convened from 12.00pm onwards and continued till 1.30 pm with various basic knowledge about the wines, hands on training on the uncorking of different wines like red and white sparkling & their service techniques, wine tasting procedure by following 5S thumb rule , food pairing with different wines and interactions with the students about modern industry trends of wine culture . Mr. Poddar also added that the main active ingedient of wine is alcohol. Since drinking small quantities of wine is good for health, there will be a decreased risk of heart disease, cancer etc on drinking wine.

Wine tasting & wine training workshop by Sula vineyard

Mr. Poddar spoke on how the term “Sula” became popular as a label. He then went on to give a brief description of wine making process with different brands of Sula that are currently on offer in the market for sale and consumption.

Wine tasting & wine training workshop by Sula vineyard

The primary objective of the workshop was to enhance the knowledge of the students about the sommelier  profession as career options and make familiar about the wines , their various tast & characteristics with diffrent food & wine harmony & wine standard service procedure in modern world.

Wine tasting & wine training workshop by Sula vineyard

Mr. Soham Poddar is currently working as the Assistant manager – tasting & marketing at Sula Vineyard .

For any assistance or help regarding counselling please feel free to contact us anytime at +91-8900755550. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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  1. I am a senior Lecturer and the Administrative Head at the Roots College of Hotel Management. I am looking for an option, where can conduct “Wine Training and Wine Tasting” sessions with our students.
    Please let me know the option and when can it be possible and cost for the same per student.

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