Top 10 Advantages of Pursuing an MBA after B.Tech

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Students mainly choose to pursue B.Tech to become fine engineers but as they begin to learn more about career prospects, they know that the competition is high and the opportunities are limited. To make a good use of their Engineering degree, most of the graduates go for pursuing postgraduate degrees. One of the major options B. Tech graduates have is to do a post graduation in MBA. In a traditional world, B.Tech and MBA may not be considered as courses that go hand in hand. But in a professional world, it is one of the best combinations ever. B. Tech, a fully professional course and MBA, all about management, the merge of these two comes with a lot of advantages,

Here we’ve listed top 10 advantages of pursuing an MBA after B.Tech.

A step into a new world

MBA after engineering comes to you like a breeze of fresh air. After all, it is a huge shift from a technical to managerial course. While engineering is a course inclined more towards honing Technical skills, MBA on the other hand teaches the nitty-gritty details of management. For B. Tech graduates, it is like discovering a whole new world with less pressure around the course.

New Career Opportunities

With B.Tech the only career prospect that the students get is that of being an Engineer. But what if someone wants more? What if someone wants to get out of that technical field and enter the high positions at a desired organisation? Well, the answer to that is MBA. MBA opens up a whole new bunch of career opportunities apart from just being an engineer. Whether it’s the position of CEO, CTO, Directors, Managers MBA is the gateway to all. A Bachelor’s Degree in engineering along with MBA does serve as a great help to pursue these career paths.


Research says that most of the engineers dream of becoming an entrepreneur. As engineers are known for coming up with the best technology and best solutions. Being an entrepreneur needs you to be aware of all the managerial skills. To educate yourself with those industry skills, you can take up an MBA in Entrepreneurship after your B.Tech. From presentation of your product/Business Idea to getting the right investment and growing that business, this course prepares you with the A to Z of Entrepreneurship.

Managerial Skills

As the name suggests, Master of Business Administration, giving two years of your life to this course means taking away a lifetime of managerial skills. The course is designed in such a way that it only deals with whatever is useful in a real corporate world. With time to time industry exposure and internships this readies you with all the necessary skills, making you a ready professional.
Personality Development

One of the most important skills in today’s professional world is – Soft Skills. Along with that, knowing how to present, to lead people, be a team player and to manage time are also crucial skills. Knowing to communicate in a good way (making sure to get your message across) is crucial when dealing with other professionals. As MBA prepares you to face that harsh corporate world, the course also trains you with all the skills mentioned above, leading to a development in your personality. Improvement in your personality brings about a lot of changes, which ultimately lead to a successful professional life.

Scale upwards in the corporate ladder

MBA is the gate to the C-Suite level jobs which many people around the world dream of conquering. With this degree, climbing up that corporate ladder becomes quite easy. The main purpose of investing two years (of their life) and doing an MBA for most of the people is to grab that dream position in a desired corporation.

Fat Paycheck

It is not a hidden fact that the salary difference between an engineer and an MBA holder is quite wide. Salary is also one of the most important facts considered by MBA aspirants. Higher salary can mean an improved and desired lifestyle. When you are equipped with both technical and managerial skills, it is no doubt that you will be offered a higher pay than the most.

Improved Lifestyle

A fat paycheck every month means an upgrade in your living standards. Meeting the lofty demands of your family and keeping up with the latest social trends become an easy task. More money coming in means more saving up. Your dream home, your dream car, dream holiday destinations, anything you name it, with a scaled up salary all your dreams will be within your reach.

Flexibility in study

It happens that most of the time students want to pursue post graduation while keeping their job. Unlike other postgraduate degrees MBA offers this flexibility. You can still keep earning while pursuing the reputed degree making a win-win where you get the workforce experience as well as a postgraduate degree. A lot of professionals take this route to hone their management skills and climb up the professional ladder.

Safer Option

As opposed to B.Tech MBA has a higher percent of placement guarantee. It is so because this one course leads to so many career paths. On the other hand, B.Tech graduates can only fill the post of engineers which means more competition in the market for a single position.

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