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There is a constant and never-ending hunt for bright and potential employees as the competition among numerous television channels and publications houses growing rapidly. It focuses on the creative, influencer leadership, public speaking, media operations, and entrepreneurial and management abilities needed in the media sector. The media business is a dynamic and diversified enterprise that encompasses everything from traditional mainstream media to the new age social and digital world of New media. Media Science has a career scope as big and diversified as the cosmos itself.


  • To develop awareness regarding various career opportunities in the field of the Media Industry.
  • Encourage and support the students to influence society & world with their thoughts, ideas & creativity.
  • To bridge the gap between the students and their dreams to be a part of the media & entertainment industry & new age media.
  • To develop industry-ready professionals for the media & entertainment sector.
  • To demonstrate influencer leadership and teamwork to achieve self & common goals.


10+2 passed from any board, and students from any stream can apply. Candidates appearing in the Class XII board finals can also apply in advance.

Course Fee

Fee per Semester is Rs. 40,000. Total Semester Fee = 6 x 40,000 = Rs.2,40,000

Fees Details Amount 
Admission Fees42,000
Interest-free Security Deposit (Refundable)10,000
Fees payable at the time of Admission(Which includes first semester fees)92,000
Total Course Fees for 3 Yrs(Semester fees + 1-time payment)2,92,000


At Inspiria, we believe in rewarding the hard work and excellence achieved by meritorious students in their academic endeavors. As part of the Wings Scholarship Program, we are giving out scholarships for (B.Sc in Media Science)

Score in Class 12Scholarship
Between 70% to 79%30%
Between 80% to 89%40%
90%, and above50%

Course Module 

1st Semester 

  • Development of Mass Communication
  • Laws and Ethics in Mass Communication
  • Print Journalism and Comparative Media
  • Basic Computer Application

2nd Semester 

  • Electronic Media – Planning and Production
  • Electronic Media – Writing, Editing, and Execution
  • Press Photography
  • Environment and Ecology

3rd Semester 

  • Marketing in Mass Media
  • Stage Production and Direction
  • Advertising
  • Film and Television: Theory and Practice
  • Information and Computer Technology

4th Semester 

  • Writing and Opinion Pieces
  • Public Relations
  • Film and Television: Theory and Practice
  • Study of Media Scene in India: Print and Cinema

5th Semester 

  • Media Management
  • Entrepreneurship in Media
  • Design and Page Make Up
  • Film and Television: Theory and Practice
  • Study of Media Scene in India: Radio, Television, New Media

6th Semester 

  • Specialization – Print, Video Production, Advertising, and Public Relations, Photography or Photo Journalism, Animation and New Media
  • Media Research
  • Personality Development and Interview

Career Opportunities in B.Sc Media Science 

If you are highly interested in becoming a media professional you must pursue B.Sc in media science as it offers a plethora of career opportunities. At present, the scope for  B.Sc in media science is increasing rapidly and it is projected to fetch more job opportunities by 2029. Pursuing a B.Sc in media science will enhance your communication, creativity, problem-solving, and analytical skills. Moreover, Media Science offers flexible career options with a higher salary package. 

Digital space in the world has developed massively and it has created an ample amount of job employment. It encompasses diversity in terms of employment. Students can opt for jobs in advertising journalism and public relations and media planning. 


It is an absolutely exciting and encouraging career option where you have the potential to be the voice of the oppressed. At the same time, job responsibilities are very challenging though journalist receives lucrative salary package. It is a most respectful job portfolio and day-to-day job responsibilities are conducting interviews, reporting news, and writing news pieces. Moreover, it is a highly rewarding job be it print journalism, broadcast journalism, or digital journalism. Apart from these, you can also work investigation journalist, sports journalist, arts and entertainment, etc. 

On average a journalist receives a starting salary of 2.8 LPA to 5.2 LPA (often it varies from organization to organization). 

PR officer 

The prime job responsibilities of a Public Relations Officer are to execute robust media strategy for each client and to tailor key messages to get the media spotlight. PR practitioners are no longer considered gatekeepers between organizations and media. Moreover, the job responsibilities of a PR officer have become more diverse. As a matter of fact, they are responsible for crisis communication and brand reputation management. The brand operations and the workflow have to maintain by the PR officer. 

On average, the PR Officer receives a starting salary of 3.5 LPA to 4.5 LPA (often it varies from Organization to organization) 

Media Planner 

The Media Planner enjoys flexible working hours and receives a decent salary package. The primary job responsibilities of a media planner coordinating and monitoring the progress of the media campaigns and events. Moreover, the media planner of an organization evaluates the success of the media campaigns and determines the accurate outlet for the media campaigns. The Media Planner enjoys flexible working hours and initiates marketing strategies, campaigns, etc. 

On average, the Media Planner receives a starting salary of 3.2 LPA to 4.5 LPA (often it varies from Organization to organization)

Admission 2023

Copy Editor 

The Copy Editor ensures the quality of the content and the primary responsibilities are to determine the accurate tone, clarity, and structure of the content. Being a copy editor is a good career option for media science graduates. Usually copy editors can work from virtual locations and enjoys flexible working hours often the situation gets stressful. A strong skill set of interpersonal communication, detail orientation, and an absolute grasp of the language is required to be an extremely good copy editor. Moreover, copy editor ensures the readability of the content and receives a decent salary package to lead a good life. 

On average a copy editor receives a starting salary of 3.7 LPA to 4.8 LPA (often it varies from Organization to organization)

Video Editor

The video editor is directly responsible for editing raw footage into polished and top-notch content ready for broadcasting on any platform. Usually, it is a stressful career path that requires a lot of patience and skills. Moreover, video editors have to meet unusual deadlines that often depend on the project. At the same time, video editing is a good career path, and receives a lucrative salary. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Is B.Sc in Media Science is good career choice?

yes, presently it is an in-demand course that can help you to get a job in the media industry. 

How difficult is Media Science?

It is quite an exciting subject and fairly easy if you are highly interested in this subject. 

What are the job opportunities for media science graduates?

There are a plethora of job opportunities available in the media industry such as Media presenter, Editor, PR specialist, content strategist, etc. 

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