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It would not be wrong to say that we are bound with technology in the current world. Technology has taken several new and better turns and the advancement in the sector is unimaginably great. With this great deal of progression comes a whole new lot of opportunities and demand for tech jobs and to enter the tech world one needs to be familiar with the language of computers. As the technology is ever booming these jobs pay a great amount of money because of which more and more people are opting for this career path. Market demand is ever increasing for computer related jobs and it isn’t too late still to go for those jobs. There are plenty of courses available today with which you can get ahead in the IT industryHere is a list of the best computer courses to get yourself a job in 2021

Web Designing

Web Designing is one of the most on demand jobs in today’s world, making the web designing course equally on demand. Web designing as the name implies is creating websites with a huge focus on user experience and interface. This includes the whole process of designing web pages with the inclusion of putting in logos, graphics, other designs and media elements.

Web designing courses mainly teach various programming languages such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS with teachings on computer basics, computer programming basics, Computer graphics, SEO, server computer etc. The course has been gaining huge popularity as India heads ahead to become a technology capital. Just over a decade ago, web designing wasn’t the most opted and loved choice of the freshly passed out students. Because of this, only diploma courses were available but as the demand grew, more institutes started offering Undergraduate courses on web designing.

To pursue higher education in web designing the base has to be set up from class 11. A study in computer science in class 11 & 12 can give a web designer aspirant an introduction to programming languages. Most professional web designing courses last for a year. There are also short courses available with an average duration of 3-6 months long.
Eligibility (Diploma/Undergraduate): 10+2
Eligibility (postgraduate): Graduate Degree

VFX and Animation

This is one of the most popular courses among the youths with animation and creative process enticing the youth. VFX (visual effects) are any multimedia’s one of the main elements be it games, videos, movies etc. The demand for new VFX artists in this industry is ever increasing. Same goes for the animation industry, there is a huge demand for innovation and creativity. Games or movies animation are a people pleaser irrespective of age or gender.

With the increasing demand of these creative professionals, the courses have also become widely available since the past decade.
In VFX and Animation course the main focus is on the basics of graphics design, 2D animation, 3D technology, character modelling, sound & audio, video editing and lighting & texture among many other subject related topics.

The course not only trains one with the necessary software skills but also improves and widens the creative perspective. With the progression of the course one can dig deeper and choose a path that fits them the best. The scope of growth and exploration is vast in this field as it is an amalgamation of creativity and technology. With the rise in technology, the demand for creation of VFX and animation also rises.

VFX and Animation course duration varies from a 2 month long course to a full time 3 year degree course.
Eligibility: Class 10+2 pass any stream

Computer Hardware and Networking Courses

This course is best suited for those interested in hardware and networking of the computers. The course’s main focus is on the repair and maintenance of core computer hardware elements. From organization, assembly and dismantling of a computer to learning of it’s basic electricals, electronic circuits, its relations the course goes in depth. Each part of a computer is studied with leaving the minute ones aside.

It also focuses on dealings with the problems that arise quite frequently with the usage of a device over time. The necessary preventive and protective measures to be taken is also a key learning of this course. Along with the hardware study of how the computer network works is also a vital part of the course. Topics such as LAN, CCNA, DTP, Operating Systems, Programming in C along with many others are covered.
The course can be taken up as a diploma course or even an undergraduate and postgraduate programme. Some institutes even offer an 80-90 hour course, for those wanting to learn about basics of Computer Hardware and Networking in a short period of time.

Eligibility Certificate, Diploma and Undergraduate Degree: 10+2 with some basic computer tests. For admissions in B.Sc candidates may have to go through an entrance examination or may be selected on merit basis.

Eligibility PG Diploma and Postgraduate Degree: Graduate in Hardware and Networking with minimum 50% percentile, Admission to M.Sc. courses are done on the basis of entrance exams or on the basis of interviews conducted by the respective institutes.

Software Development and Programming languages

As the technology starts to take over, software development is increasingly gaining popularity. With the rapid establishment of startups, mobile applications, web applications, more software developers are needed in the market. A software developer basically codes and feeds in sets of instructions so that a computer/device can execute a certain task. All of this is done with the help of programming languages. Software development courses solely focus on making one thoroughly familiar with the programming languages such as C++, Java, python, .NET, JavaScript, PHP etc. Along with these programming languages these courses also cover topics such as debugging, interface, logging, multithreading, web, sockets among various others.

Software developers are the driving force behind the applications we use today. They put their expertise, logic and analytical skills to create a user friendly application which brings value to an organisation or even themselves. This is a quite complex subject and requires a consistent emphasis on the recent developments in coding techniques and various other methodologies. The course duration varies from diploma to an undergraduate degree and even a postgraduate degree. In India the course mostly taken is Software Engineering.
Eligibility Certificate, Diploma: Class 10 pass

Eligibility Undergraduate Degree: 10+2 pass in Computer Science with 60% or above percentile, JEE, MHT CET or other state entrance examination scores are considered.

Eligibility Post Graduate Degree: 60% or above percentile in B.Tech in Software Engineering, GATE Scores considered with personal interviews by institutions.


Tally is mainly taught under B.Com and other Commerce related courses but for those only looking to focus on Tally, there are plenty of courses available these days. Tally is an extremely important accounting software. The efficient use of tally is seen as a valuable skill in various corporates and government sectors. It is also the most used accounting software used for storing and transferring of financial statements.

The software used is the Tally.ERP9 and students are taught the basics as well as the detailed functionality of the software. This includes recording of business transactions and management of accounts information for an organization.

Along with this various other Microsoft office tools such also taught while emphasizing on MS Word and MS Excel for daily financial analysis and report making. The courses available for Tally can be of hours long classes or months long to a year long.

Eligibility Certificate, Diploma & Undergraduates: 10+2 (commerce preferred)with basic knowledge of computer (Windows OS and PC Essentials).

Cyber Security Courses

Cyber security courses are rising up to fame with more and privacy concerns with the swift growth in technology. Emergence of new tech means high risk of getting hacked and getting scammed ultimately resulting in increased cyber crimes. This is where cyber security comes into play. If there are people innovating new things taking forward the digitization there should also be people guarding it.

This course thoroughly covers security in all the sectors of technology, whether it is email security, user authentication, Biometric security, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, mobile device security, cloud security, Blockchain technology and many others.

The main aim of this course is to learn about the potential cyber threats that people as an individual (online) and businesses face, and how to prevent and get protection from them. Cyber Security course duration varies from 3 months upto 1 year.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in IT or related field, job experience (in some cases)

Diploma in Computer Science/IT

Those who are really keen on getting into the IT industry can take up a diploma in computer science. It draws out a basic knowledge of computer science along with engineering concepts and mathematical techniques. From an understanding of software, programming languages to hardware, students are taught everything.

Some of the topics touched in this course are applied chemistry, engineering economics, engineering drawing, fundamentals of computer, Client Server Application etc. Diploma in Computer Science is an ideal blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application that readies students to become IT professionals and experts. Diploma in computer science is a three year long course.

Eligibility: Class 10 pass from a recognised board with 45% or above percentile

Data Entry Operator Course

This is an awesome course for those with a niche for typing as it is a field totally based on typing skills. As technology totally works on the basis of data, data entry is one of the most important jobs out there. As the job is based on typing and data handling skills, the course helps one refine their typing skills and data entry skills.

A great thing about this course is that you don’t have to be a computer nerd or a genius to master this course. The course duration varies from institute to institute, some last for just a week or two whereas some may last for 3 months to 6 months.
Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university with a minimum of 60% percentile

Microsoft Office and Typing Courses

Microsoft office course as the name suggests helps one master the microsoft office tools. From microsoft word to outlook, excel, 365 everything is taught thoroughly from head to toe. All the tools from the office suite are taught in depth without leaving a single detail out.

This course is an important one because it adds as a skill on your resume which serves well when looking for jobs. Don’t misunderstand this course for your day to day knowledge of MS Office suite because this is a course to turn you into a specialist of the toolkit. One of the perks of being an MS Office specialist is that it comes in handy on all walks of life, as it is one of the most used office toolkit around the world.

Typing courses along with the same can turn out to become a powerful weapon. Typing is key when working in the IT industry, whether it is data entry or coding we feed instructions to the computer by typing it in, so a typing course is a must if you are planning to enter the IT world.
Eligibility: Class 8th pass and above

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