Top 10 Courses For Your Career Growth in 2021

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Gone are the days when parents pushed their kids to pursue nothing but engineering and medicine. With the emergence of a modernized society of technologies and the internet, it produced fresh career options in various sectors. In today’s digitized era, career scope has largely increased in technologically driven industries. Thus, irrespective of the subject stream that you have taken in your 10+2 level, you can opt for the most suitable professional courses based on your interest. If you intend to kickstart your career in one of the most trending job sectors of the age, then this blog is for you. Unlike the former times, the contemporary world has given rise to some promising career alternatives. Aspirants of our times can start a career early in their lives without having to study some long-spun syllabus or without really having to earn a Ph.D. So, below-enlisted covers the top 10 career courses for your career growth in 2020.

#1. B. Sc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration

Hospitality and Hotel Administration

A degree in B. Sc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration covers the aspects of the hospitality industry such as – hotels, airlines, cruises, resorts, travel, catering, travel services, events management including health & tourism industries across the globe. If you are someone who prefers working in a diverse culture, meeting new people, traveling, hospitality, food, etc., then the hospitality sector is perfect for you. The rapid growth of the sector promises you a myriad of opportunities and a satisfying career in the same.

#2. BBA/BBA Global Business


The Bachelors of Business Administration is a wonderful option for those who seek to step into the profession even before obtaining a master’s degree. A full-time BBA Degree grants you with the basic knowledge about the business/corporate industry or relevant sectors. You will improve and sustain business management skills, decision-making skills, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities. The course enables you to develop your personality attributes like soft skills, leadership and communication skills throughout your learning tenure.

#3. BBA Hospital Management – BBA(HM)


Bachelor in hospital Management Course enables you to comprehend in-depth information regarding the functioning and management of the healthcare sector. The degree is designed to cater to a comprehensive theoretical and practical understanding of the industry including insurance, public health, risk management and so on. The BBA(HM) curriculum unfolds the opportunity to gain hands-on learning through resources provided by the institutions.

#4. BBA Entrepreneurship

BBA Entrepreneurship 

If you are someone who does not favor the idea of working 9 – 6 then this one is for you. Entrepreneurship is one of the growing options for anyone willing to invest time, skill, knowledge and funds in their ideas. A complete BBA course in entrepreneurship helps in developing a profound knowledge in drafting and application of the right techniques and concepts in one’s envisioned ideas. A degree helps you explore the innovative business ideas and skills required to thrive in the highly competitive world of business.

#5. BBA Sports Management

BBA Sports Management 

Anyone who is interested in the sports industry and has passed the higher secondary examination from a recognized board are eligible for this course. This 3-year advanced BBA Sports Management Course curriculum prepares the students for the multi-dimensional responsibilities of the sports industry of modern times. The advanced course inculcates a sound knowledge of the theoretical, fundamental, and practical attributes of business in the sports industry. Certain benefits of the BBA Sports Management Course include – leadership skills, communication skills, coordination and management skills, business skills, etc.

#6.Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) 

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) 

BCA or Bachelors of Computer Application is the best step towards entering the world of Information Technology. BCA Course is a three-year undergraduate course that is equivalent to BE or B. Tech in Computer Science. The course is ideal for those that want to start a career in the IT sector. The Curriculum involves detailed insight on significant subjects like Databases, Networking, Data Structure including the core programming languages like C, C++, Java, etc. As the Information Technology sector holds a tremendous economic impact and thus creates a plethora of job opportunities in the sector for BCA graduates.

#7. B. Sc in Media Science (BMS) 

B.Sc in Media Science Image

With Media playing a distinguished part in our everyday lives, a large number are embracing a career in the same. A full-time undergraduate course in Media Science supports the students to gain an in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge on this ever-evolving industry. Besides, a full-time BMS degree equips the students with industry experience through internships that help in professional growth. The course contributes to the improvement of key skills like creative, communication, psychological, critical, and analytical skills. The career opportunities for the BMS graduates are dynamic and exciting amongst which most common careers include – journalism, copywriting, film production, advertising, market research, social media communications, etc.

#8. B.Sc in Interior Designing 

Interior Designing 

B.Sc in Interior Designing is a comprehensive degree that focuses on furnishing essential learning and relevant skills development required in the industry. The course ensures an in-depth understanding of background, concept, customs and the application of interior design. The course is customized to render the theoretical learning and practical training to strengthen the required skills like communication, analytical, creative skills including general career excellence. Earning a degree in Interior Design prepares the candidates for the highly competitive work culture.

#9. B. Sc in Multimedia, Animation, and Graphics Design (BMAG) 


BMAG (B.Sc in Multimedia, Animation and Graphic Design) is a rapidly emerging course that aims at providing the ideal knowledge on computer languages, graphics, and dynamics of the moving image. The course concentrates on teaching the skill and art of storyboarding along with the relevant technical instruction required to strengthen the basic skill in Design, Animation, VFX, Multimedia, Publications, and Interactive Software. Besides, the students will be granted training on soft-skill development training, communication skills which is a mandatory skill needed in the said industry.

#10. B. Sc in Film and Television


Presently, the technology has emerged to such a scale that simple film can be made with basic technology, even with a mobile phone. So, B. Sc in Film and Television is one of the best options to enter into this industry. The course involves a fundamental study of film, cinema, television, and radio. The course focuses on providing the best theoretical understanding and practical training. Also, a full-time degree in Film and television equips the students with the essential industry skills like film producing, directing, scriptwriting, editing, broadcasting news, hosting a television show, and more as such. The opportunities for the film and television graduates are limitless.

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