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how to concentrate on studies before exam
  1. Organize your study room
  2. Prepare a study routine 
  3. Exercise 
  4. Cut down your social media activities 
  5. Music 
  6. Take break 
  7. Try to switch your study location 
  8. Set your daily study goals 
  9. Read newspaper 
  10. Meditation 

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The Board exam is around the corner and students often get distracted due to heavy pressure. Time flies so rapidly that you become clueless when an exam appears. Things get tough when you are more active on social media and you procrastinate all day. 

One thing to remember is that concentrating on studies takes time. You need to have patience, if you practice continuously you can increase concentration while studying. The most important thing is that you must not lose patience and cut down on unnecessary activities while you are studying. Social media usage can reduce your productivity significantly so try to spend less time on social media. There are some creative techniques that will help you to increase your concentration abilities.    

First of all, let’s accept that concentrating on studies is a tough job whether you are appearing for board exams or reading nonfiction novels. Worry not here we are to help you out. 

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Follow these effective steps to concentrate on studies before the exam

Organize your study room

Nothing can be better than a well-organized study room. Good books all around and one big window in the room will calm you down. This will also help you to focus on your activities. If your possible study place is already connected with activities such as eating, watching television, or sleeping, it is generally not suitable for you to concentrate on your studies. Cut all these activities that will affect your concentration on your studies. You will eventually feel more concentrated as soon as you enter the place if you perfectly organize your study room. 

Prepare a study routine 

Creating a study routine is important. This will help you to focus on your studies and it will increase your efficiency. A perfect study routine will help you to rectify your inefficiency and it will help you in different ways. If you prepare a quality study routine it can be helpful for you to understand your exam syllabus and you can thoroughly focus on your studies. Study routine differs from student to student. There is no hard and fast rule for preparing a study routine. Create a study that is suitable and simple for you to execute. 


Yes, you read that right. Morning walks and exercise are very efficient, it has the potential to clear your mind and lower your blood pressure. If you want to increase your concentration abilities then you have to do exercises. It will boost your health and will increase productivity. A morning walk on a daily basis has the capability to increase your cognitive mind functions and will develop mental clarity that will help to concentrate on your studies before your board exam. 

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Cut down your social media activities 

Networking is important but not more than your board exam. It’s high time that you need to reduce social media activity. If you narrow down the social activity you will get ample amount of time to concentrate on your studies. Uninstall all the unnecessary apps that consume your precious time. Social media activities are the prime distraction that affects your concentration from your studies. While studying keep your smartphone on silent mode this will not distract you with unnecessary notifications.   


Listen to songs, you might need that but not all day long. Create a playlist that can motivate you and helps to focus on your studies. It is suggested that you play some classical music. Soft music often helps to increase your productivity and motivates you to achieve your daily goals. Though this approach varies from student to student. For some students, soft music or classical songs works like medicine to increase concentration and for others, it doesn’t. So you may listen to music if it works for you. 

Take break 

You need to take a break as your mind and body deserve it. If you feed your brain with an ample amount of information in a short time it will leak eventually. It is recommended that you take a break after every 1 hour hour. You can take a break while you are studying continuously. This will help you concentrate and motivate yourself. At the same time, try to make an energizing study break time that is suitable for you and take a 10-15 minutes walk, move your muscles or take a power nap. This approach will help you to increase your attention span and will let you concentrate on your studies. 

Try to switch your study location 

Studying is fun and exciting if you do it correctly. If you are studying continuously for 3-4 hours continuously then you must shift your study location this will bring something change. Studying in the same location for long hours can create boredom. This change can really cheer you up and can bring good vibes to focus on your studies. Simply relocate to a different room or a new desk, and you’d be amazed how much physical perception may influence you to concentrate on your studies. 

Set your daily study goals 

It is true that a last-moment study can be really intriguing but it will definitely not provide you with your desired outcomes. Rather than focusing on the “last moment study”, try to implement daily plans in your routine. Instead of keeping the burden for the last moment, it is advisable to keep mind keeping a daily habit of studying for a few hours so that the mindset will be developed into the habit and allow you to keep your notes and preparations ready even before the main day arrives.

Read newspaper 

This is one of the most important tools that are quite effective. Reading newspapers provides you with necessary information about society and various factors related to it. It is seen that with time and the growth of social media, young minds have detached themselves from reading papers in the morning! It is imperative for young minds to engage in reading papers that will help them to gain excessive knowledge about the world and allow them to be critical for future development.


Having mentioned all the points above, the last factor for personal growth lies in meditation! No matter how slow and restless it may seem, the only way to train the minds on the right path and to evolve the young minds to work towards achieving the goals is by meditating! It must be implemented in the daily routine because it will not only calm the mind but at the same time, provide excessive energy and zeal to work hard throughout the day!

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