Why MBA After B.Tech? Here Are The Top 6 Reasons To Do MBA After B.Tech

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Why MBA After B.Tech

Why MBA After B.Tech;- MBA and B.Tech are two of the major professional courses by themselves but there is a growing industry demand for an MBA with B. Tech. Even many B. Tech graduates are opting for an MBA rather than M. Tech apart from entering the workforce straightaway.

Why is this becoming a popular choice?
Well, the answer is simple – More opportunities!

MBA, Master in Business Administration is widely recognized as a managerial course. It is a highly reputed course which adds a lot of worth to your qualificational background. It opens a lot of doors for students and professionals in the corporate world which is why the demand for MBA courses has skyrocketed in the past decade.

Some of the reasons why you should choose to pursue MBA after B.Tech are

Entrepreneurship, Becoming your own boss

Engineers make most of the entrepreneurs. Most of the B. Tech graduates are keen on innovation and want to be their own bosses. To take this career path, they mostly spend their additional 2 years in getting a degree on MBA in Entrepreneurship. This helps them in getting acquainted with all the necessary industry skills and gives them the right exposure. If you are among those who don’t like to work under anyone and have a business idea, this is a great path to follow.

Managerial Experience

An MBA degree is undoubtedly the route to those high managerial positions but more value is added if you are a B. Tech graduate. An Engineer is already skilled when it comes to technical specialization. A strong base in subjects like statistics and Mathematics is a given. Getting that managerial skill on top of all these takes your educational portfolio to the next level. MBA equips you with those missing skills of management.

Added Career Prospects

Obviously, with two of the most sought after degrees in your hand, more lanes are added to your career. You’ll see a huge improvement in your career prospects as not only national but MNCs and even foreign recruiters will be interested in you. More priority is given to MBA holders by companies since they are well versed with the managerial elements and skills. Getting into companies ranging from global tech leaders to top management firms becomes a lot easy.

Bored of your job!

Some B. Tech students get straight into the workforce after completing their graduation. After working for a few years or even months some yearn for something more than their job. This results in many people taking up an MBA. Some quit their jobs to get a full time MBA degree whereas some opt for a distance learning course while still keeping their job.

Dual Specialization

In this day and age, a dual degree is almost a mandate. Advancement in technology has led to a fast paced work culture and to cope up in such an environment one has to be ready with the necessary tools and skills. Possessing two important degrees such as and MBA makes you an important asset for an organization. This results in more companies and firms wanting to hire you.

High Salary Demand

With a positive ascent on all the aspects mentioned above, your overall value as a professional increases. The more the value, the more is your income. Many B. Tech graduates pursue MBA for this sole reason because the difference in pay-check with and without MBA is quite wide. A fat pay-check means a more improved lifestyle for you and your family, which of course everyone would love.

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