Media and its effect on Society

Media has had brought effects on the society all around the globe. The resolute verbal and non-verbal combination and the advantage to bring forth different subject matters has left a lasting impact on people in society. There are many ways to see the amount of impact media has brought to the daily lives of people in society.

Human psychology is such that we believe things which we can see rather than just hear. As the Chinese proverb goes: “A picture speaks a thousand words.” Media especially electronic media has had such a huge and major effect on the thinking of people that without seeing the particular news people cannot comprehend with the information even after reading and hearing about it in different media.

Mass Media has had such a huge kick on people that to accommodate the various media in their busy schedules people have changed their methods of functioning in their daily routines. The dictum of “Early to bed and early to rise” has lost value and the norm in today’s age has become to watch television till late at night.

Media especially television has had such a huge impact that it has become a necessity in every household. The presence of the idiot box helps in changing the life and personality of individuals normally for the worse than good. On the positive side though television has worked to increase the general perception and thinking on various matters of daily lives.

The impact of media has been both good and bad on culture and society. Taking into account media has been used in the country for a consumerist lifestyle. In India the effect has been more negative than positive in nature. Media needs to be controlled and regulated for public good and betterment else the consequences will be awful and terrifying.

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