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Have you been afraid of inevitable while making a career choice? Well, we all encounter the dilemma of making the right decision in our lives. Especially as a student, we’re pressurized to score well. Excel in extra-curricular activities and be well mannered in every regard. And, of course, decide the best career by the time we reach the higher secondary level!

Only a few among the majority might remain certain about the future career prospects. (depending on their personal interest or, due to the expectation of their mentors, or provided career counseling ). But what about the rest?

Thanks, to the origin of the internet! Nowadays, we turn to search engines for almost everything! It serves as the only reliable option when we’re unconvinced by our mentors. We get access to endless guidelines for diverse topics at our fingertips. A large number of search-oriented contents gets uploaded in Google every day! Aren’t we the luckiest generation?

So, if you’re one amongst the majority, who aspire to build a career in the thriving IT industry or, the relevant sector, Don’t go anywhere! Here, we’re enlisting the top 5 killer Quora answers on choosing the best career in computer application. Scroll down to get all your questions related to your career answered NOW!

Q1: What is good after BCA for good career?

Answer by Taha Siddiqui, worked at Tech Mahindra: “So you have completed BCA. Since you have mentioned about having deep interest into the field of Networking, I would suggest you opt for CCNA certification course(Cisco Certified Network Associate) if you are genuinely in love with it. The course is specifically focused on networking especially working/configuring on routers, hubs and switches. During the course you get to work on Cisco’s devices. The exam is costly, so prepare well before going for it. You can also go for MCA(lateral entry) in which you will be able to learn more about Computer Networks. You also asked about going abroad, I would like to mention that 3 year courses like BCA are not valid according to various countries for doing an MS(Master of Science). Like for example, USA doesn’t recognize a three year undergraduate degree. So for that matter, you should take up a vocational 1-year course to fulfil the criteria. Some countries like UK do take three-year undergrade, so you may contact certain universities there if you’re willing to go there.”

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Q2: Is getting a BCA a good idea?

Answer by Divyansh Pagaria, SAP Consultant at Wipro: “No Degree is Bad, Of Course BCA is good but the question is if it is good for you or not?If you have passed 12th class with commerce background and have math or IP as one of your subject then you should go for BCA only if you are interested in computer science degree. If you have passed 12th with PCM you should opt for in computer science. In BCA you’ll learn about the applications of Computer Science and some knowledge about developing software for particular purpose whereas in you’ll have core knowledge about developing softwares. is a 4 year course where as BCA is a 3 year degree. You can pursue after but you cannot pursue after BCA. You have to complete MCA first to pursue A student is equivalent to A BCA+MCA Student.”

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Q3: Which subject should I focus on in a BCA course?

Answer by Sutapta Mukherjee, works at TAM Media Research: “It completely depends on what you like more and want to purse after later on in life. If you see yourself in hardcore programming, concentrate for on object oriented programming languages. Make your base strong, once you have that rest all will get easy for you. If to be in graphics you work more on graphical programming or multimedia programming, It is a fun area to work on but it isnt very easy to excel very fast, years of hard work experience is needed here. Networking is an all time hit area, but its just not the basics, you have to be on your toes to be on this very volatile area and keep learning all the time and networking keeps on adding new and improved features every day. Hope this helps making up your mind.”

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Q4: Is getting a bachelor’s in computer applications worth it for a successful career and future?

Answer by Pranoti Paskanti, Pursuing BCA at pune: “Hey! I’m currently pursuing BACHELORS OF COMP. APP. Rather than finding great future and scope i suggest you to concentrate on grasping the best thing i.e subjects in that course and score good then your way is absolutely clear one.”

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Q5: What are the career options after earning a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)?

Answer by Sanjiv Malakar, former Sales Executive (2015): “There are numerous options available for you in IT industry after completing BCA. If you want to get into IT then knowledge matters a lot than your degree. It doesn’t matter if you have done your BCA in distance mode or regular. Always thrive for knowledge. Let’s discuss some career options one by one:”

1. MCA: You can go for MCA if your financial condition allows you. MCA is another BCA with some more knowledge. Try to crack various entrance examinations conducted by good universities like NIT, JNU etc.

2. In service based companies: You can apply for various IT jobs at service based companies like Wipro, TCS, Cognizant etc. If you have average knowledge then this is the best option.

3. Job in product based companies: You can join product based companies if you have above average knowledge. Since you are doing BCA you must have a good exposure to programming. Start learning from various online tutorials available on the internet. Please note that do not waste your time in learning different programming languages, learn only one or two but learn them fully to the core. Programming is all about logic, language is just a tool. Along with programming language the core knowledge of data structures and algorithms is must. You can also go for specialization in fields like web development or android development.

3. Digital Marketing: You can also make your career in digital marketing. This field is emerging day by day.

4. WIPRO WASE: WASE (Wipro Academy of Software Excellence) is a unique program launched by Wipro in 1995. It offers BCA & Bsc.(CS) students a chance to pursue higher education – M.Tech in Software Engineering in collaboration with Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani (Rajasthan, India).

5. Freelancing: You can do freelancing too if you have excellent command over any programming language or designing skills and good communication skills. Popular areas are web development, android/iOS app development, digital marketing, graphics designing and web designing.

Do not run after money, run after knowledge, run after your passion. Every field has equal amount of opportunities provided that you are interested in it.And one more thing, there is a shortage of skilled developers in the market. Try to be the best.

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