Scope Of Animation In India

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Scope Of Animation In India

Animation is a dynamic field pool of opportunities and scopes in India. The field involves the creation of animated videos, graphics, and multimedia content using specialized software and techniques. Animators are responsible for creating the characters, and backgrounds. A career in animation can be exciting and rewarding, but it requires a lot of dedication and hard work.

The animation industry has grown significantly in recent years, and India has emerged as a hub for animation production. This article will explore the scope of animation in India, including its growth, opportunities, challenges, and future prospects.

 The contents incorporated in this blog clarifies the listed subheadings.

1. The Animation: The Dawn of Creative & Modern Day Career Industry in India

2. Career Opportunities in Animation Industry

3. Factors that fuel the growth & scope of Animation Industry in India

i. The Hype Of Indian Cinemas- The Evolving World of Indian Films & Television

ii. The Rise Of Gaming Industries In India – Online & Device Compatible Games

iii. International Focus – The Distinctive Creativity & Imagination Equipped With Technology Know-How

iv. Branding, Engagement, ROI- The Rising Demand For Animators In Ad Agencies

4. How to enter the Animation Industry as a Professional?

1. The Animation: The Rise of Creative & Modern Day Career Industry in India

The animated movies like Aladdin, Wall-E, Frozen, Tangled, Toy Story, Ice Age, and similar alike have explicitly revealed the magic and miracle of the animation world. The Animation industry requires a wide array of skills. From the creativity to the storytelling skills, traditional art skills to technical knowledge, articulation skills to artistic taste, etc., The field of animation holds a boundless scope for those that sustain the desire to give a magical and realistic touch to their creativity.

Tracing back its history, the animation Industry was initially controlled by the West. The creative movie production corporations remained confined within the boundaries of Hollywood. The accessibility to modern technologies, software, and the internet was scare and expensive. Yet, things changed. The industry saw a breakthrough with the technological rise & reduced easy internet accessibility.

Consequently, the animation industry established a keep in India. Today the Indian Animation Industry sustains its creativity and potential to produce world-class animation. Despite the late arrival in India, the industry saw the dawn of phenomenal surge. The start of digitization stirred the trend of selling products & services online. With the serious competitions in the market place – every business embraced innovative strategies. Animation introduced convincing techniques to remain above the margin of rising competition.

Of all the applied strategies, the use of animation in ads and videos delivered a remarkable shift in product branding, the traffic flow, and in revenue generation. So, the animation industry won the support and recognition in India. Today, the industry in India developed to equate with its global competitors.

2. Career Opportunities in Animation Industry

The animation industry continued to flourish regardless of the fluctuations in global markets. Especially in India, the industry experienced excellent growth regardless of the delayed entry. The industry created a wide range of career opportunities for many. A good number of jobs avails in creative industries every year. The outsourcing of animation services to international clients is on the rise. In India, the major industries that recruit the animation professionals include the following-

Ad Agencies
Gaming (Online & Mobile Games)
IT(Web Animations) Designing
Production Houses/Entertainment/Television Channels

3. Factors that fuel the growth & scope of Animation Industry in India

The animation industry is a skill development sector. It’s a place where your expertise equates your efforts. The animation industry is ideal for those with the ability to transfer one’s visions into the realistic form. India has no dearth for creativity and technological learning. Its cultural diversity contributes to the progress of industry at a quick pace.

Skilled & experienced animator can land a rewarding career in the creative industry. Such as Media & Entertainment, Production Firms, Multimedia, Online Gaming, E-learning Firms, Animation Service Outsourcing Firms, and similar others. Both Private and Public Sectors offer a wide range of career opportunities in India.

So, here are the few reasons that contribute to the growth of the animation industry in India.

i. The Hype Of Indian Cinemas- The Evolving World of Indian Films & Television

Did you know that Indian Bollywood Industry produces about 2000 movies every year? From the start of the Indian Cinemas to the contemporary happening Bollywood and Television, the animation has helped on boundless manner. Be it in terms of the quality standards of a movie, graphics, character development, sheen and more.

The rising trend of streaming online videos on an influential platform like YouTube has altered the scenario of the Entertainment industries. The demand for more realistic factor in movies has resulted in the unending need for the skilled animators for improving the quality standards of the movies.

ii. The Rise Of Gaming Industries In India – Online & Device Compatible Games

The scope of Animation is not confined to the Media and Entertainment Industry. It touches almost every industry sector across the globe. Gaming industry remains one of them. The trend of online gaming started in the early decades. Today’s rising demand is; the exciting and device friendly games.

From the craze of Candy Crush to the thrilling Temple Run! And, the captivating Clash of Clans to the Petrifying Pub-G! the gaming industry has an insatiable demand for skilled professionals to upgrade the gaming systems. So, the Gaming Industry is on the constant need of professionals for designing games. Especially the ones that can be compatible with mobile phones.

iii. International Focus – The Distinctive Creativity & Imagination Equipped With Technology Know- How

The Indian Animation Industry is expanding. Due to its strong beliefs, India remains a land of possibilities. It extends an ideal story for portraying the unsung legends of Indian Mythology. It may be impossible to exhibit the real Mahabharata and Ramayana on actuality. Still, one can portray every bit and extent of it through 3D Animation. So, India is the land of opportunities, yet to get discovered.

Besides, India ranks as one of the largest English speaking regions in the world. It is a country where a good number of professionals can operate the computer software. Also, the cost of services is fairly decent. A good number of modern studios and the experts render services in every city. Due to these reasons, the Indian animation Industry gets global attention and support. The giant international names in animation like Industrial Light, Warner Brothers, Fun Bag Animation, Disney, etc., seek to make animation movies in India.

iv. Branding, Engagement, ROI- The Rising Demand For Animators In Ad Agencies Scope of Animation in India

The world of advertising is powerful. It holds the ability to influence the crowd on a brand and it’s promised advantages through ads. Ads are omnipresent. Whether it is amid YouTube videos, or between a TV soap. We see them and get to learn about products. Or else it’s impossible to keep track of the new products that come to market every day.

Advertising is the essence of a brand, publicity, and revenue generation. The world no longer entertains the long-drawn boring ads. The modern-day ads must be appealing enough to engage the viewers. Above all, ads should convey the brand voice and generate sales. Right from the light effects to the copy! Every element portrayed in the ad should be engaging and convincing. Thus, the advertising firms are on the constant need for the skilled animators that can extend the exact call of the consumers.

4. How to enter the Animation Industry as a Professional?

If you want to give a head start to your career in Animation, pursuing a degree in the subject will be helpful. A good number of colleges have emerged for providing a professional course in Animation. To avail the course, you need to pass 10+2 from any stream. The candidates have to sit for the entrance tests in order to qualify for the admission. The authorities conduct tests on national, state, and university level. The aggregate score for qualifying the test varies from one institution to the other. The candidates are evaluated on the basis of merit on the aptitude test.

Indulging in part-time work can be a great start. The internship programs extend Scope of Animation in India better practical learning and industry experience. Build a portfolio adding your industry experiences.

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