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why studying a Sports Management Degree- Learn from Our Expert

Why Study a Sports Management Degree: Sports is one of the most engaging activities and at the same time the industry provides employment to millions of people around the world. Sport management moreover has been one of the leading careers for the longest time. It is nothing but the field of business dealing with sports and recreation. Since sports is a big community, the management is equally big.

If you are a big sports fan but aren’t as athletic and can’t be on the field playing, sports management gives you a chance to be a part of it. This can be as rewarding as being a sports person. Some of the most known sports management careers include college sports managers, recreational sport managers, sports marketing, event management, facility management, sports economics, sports finance, and sports information, sports journalism, sports medicine, adventure sports, and the likes.

What Is a Sports Management Degree?

Sports management degree is an undergraduate degree program which imparts to students all concepts and knowledge related to the sports industry. This includes concepts of Management, Finance, Law and Marketing. It equips students with all the nitty-gritty details of the business side of sports giving them a new outlook. The degree also equips students with skills that are required and crucial in sports management. From communication skills to team building, problem solving, critical thinking and leadership skills the degree makes a student ready to face the industry.

A degree in Sports Management provides insight into numerous administrative activities, marketing and promotion, sponsorships, negotiations, sports governance, technology involved, facility development, and sports event management. The Physical Education section, on the other hand, aids in gaining a comprehensive understanding of coaching, anatomy and physiology, sports science, injury prevention, strength and conditioning, kinesiology, and biomechanics. It provides a unique combination of business aspect and the physical education aspect resulting in the entire development of learners as prospective professionals in the world of sports. The degree course usually goes by the name Bachelor of Sports Management but it can also be integrated with various other courses depending on the university/college providing the course.

Course Duration: Most colleges in India have a 3 year full time degree program in Sports Management.

Eligibility: While admission process may vary from institute to institute depending on the University rules as well, the basic criteria of eligibility is a candidate having passed 10+2 with a minimum aggregate of 50% from a recognized board.

Reasons to Study a Sports Management Degree

Work With What You Love

Sports management gives an opportunity to sports enthusiasts to be a part of the game even if they can’t be a sports professional for whatever reason. It lets you see the sport up close and even be a changemaker. It will give a sports fan a deeper understanding of what really goes behind the scenes and if fortunate enough be a part of legendary sports moments. For any sports enthusiast and to get into the sports world there is no other degree that will prepare you as well to make your aspirations a reality. Also, what better way to earn than doing what you love.

Broad Range of Careers

Sports Management is one of such careers which combines well with various other industries. Firstly, business is one of the main aspects of sports management. The degree teaches you a lot about business management which acts as the foundation to the business side of the sports industry. From manufacturing of sports goods to sales of sports goods or even marketing of sports goods dealing with players and event management etc. You could work as a marketer for a sports team or as a marketer for a sports team’s corporate sponsor. You could be employed by a non-profit organisation that collaborates with sports teams to aid the less poor. You can work as a sports writer if you have a knack for writing. You will be able to arrange and host events for sports teams, as well as manage a sports team,if you graduate with a degree in Sports Management.

You can work in Media & Advertising, handling the public relations for any team, if you have the correct blend of skills. Sports management also combines well with the Information and Technology with a high demand of Artificial Intelligence in sports as well as digital marketing, machine learning, big data etc. Sports management also goes well with the education sector with lots of teaching opportunities through sports management.

An Ever Growing Industry

Since sports management goes to be such an extensive range of careers it is also one of the most rapidly and ever growing industries. As sports evolve to discover new market niches, the sports sector continues to grow in a variety of directions. Media contracts, in particular, are performing well, but sponsorship income is also expected to perform strongly. This is a positive sign for job availability and possible prospects in the business in the future. Even in India, the sports management industry is fast expanding. More sports are forming leagues and teams, which attract more sports enthusiasts, sponsors, players, and, as a result, more fans. A sports manager in India has the opportunity to work in an industry that was valued at over INR 50 billion a few years ago and has continued to develop fast since then. As the industry expands, more possibilities will open up, giving you the opportunity to grow and succeed in your career.

Competitive Industry

Sports is an extremely competitive field and being in the industry will automatically grow the competitive spirit in you. Competitive spirit is one of the major aspects to possess in the field since the management of sports such as deals and negotiations needs a certain kind of competitiveness to get the best. A sports management degree equips professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to support sport marketing agencies, intercollegiate athletic departments, professional sports organizations, sports equipment manufacturers and many more operations throughout the vast sports industry.

A Job Which Lets You Travel

Sports management is also one of those professions where you can travel and get a lot of new experiences. Most of the jobs in the industry also include research and travel with matches being held on different locations every time. It also entails meeting a lot of new people and learning about a lot of new things. This industry can be a fantastic fit for anyone who enjoys travelling, but it can also be a catch-22.

Scope of Further Study

After a degree in Sports Management students can also go for Masters in Sports Management and further upgrade the skills and knowledge. Students can further specialize in different aspects of sports management. They can either take an on-campus full time study or do an online program which can go side by side while practising a job in the industry.


BBA Sports Management (Inspiria Knowledge Campus) – Course Overview

The BBA Sports Management at Inspiria KnowledgeCampus is a three-year programme that prepares students to gain knowledge in industry core competency areas. Students will also learn how to recognise and comprehend the variables that shape sport in a society, as well as sport administration and the history of this subject as a career. They also educate students how to apply the planning, organising, leading, and evaluating functions to a range of sport organisations in order to show strategic planning and resource allocation ideas in the sports business.

Course Duration: 3 years full time course.


Year 1

  • English –I
  • Statistics – I
  • Computer Applications– I
  • Organization and Management in Sports
  • Foundations of Amateur and Prof. Sports
  • Language Laboratory
  • Computing Lab
  • English –II
  • Statistics – II
  • Computer Applications – II
  • Contemporary Issues in Sports
  • Ethics in Sports
  • Public Speaking on Assigned Topic
  • Computing Labpic
  • Computing Lab


Year 2

  • Principles of Management
  • Business Communication
  • Financial Accounting
  • Sports Training and Conditioning
  • Leadership Principles in Sports
  • Managing Sports Events
  • Financial Management-I
  • Marketing Management-I
  • Human Resource Management-I
  • Advertising, Public Relation and Sponsorship in Sports
  • Sports Facilities Planning and Management
  • First Aid and CPR


Year 3

  • Basics of Sports Medicine & Nutrition
  • Sports Marketing
  • Managing and Promoting Sports Events
  • Spectator Management
  • Funding in Sports
  • Project
  • Defence of Project
  • Sports Law and Risk Management
  • Psychology of Sports
  • Managing Sports Organization
  • Sports Media and Event Management
  • Administration of Games & Leisure Plex
  • Comprehensive Viva

The Syllabus/Course Module are as per West Bengal University of Technology Curriculum

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