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Let’s accept it today! Every student aspires to be the best and bring out the same in their results. Thus, every learner seeks out for the tips and tricks to score the highest marks in the 12th board exams, be it manually or online. No matter how outstanding you do in your studies, board examinations are the inevitable part of the educational system. The examiners will determine your academic efficiency and excellence by evaluating the grades you obtain in your boards.

With the rising competition, the students often get worried about how to score above 90 in boards? This is because qualifying boards will not only add value to your educational status but, the good grades are essential for obtaining admissions in the best colleges and to land in the desired professional domain.

So are you looking for the board exam tips and tricks? Do you want to score good marks in 12th boards? Don’t go anywhere else! Just scroll downwards to discover the ultimate answers for achieving the best scores in your 12th boards.

1. Believe and Motivate yourself

Self-belief and motivation are the greatest and the unbeatable weapons that you have in yourself. These two things, when combined together, will strengthen enough to broaden your limits and achieve your aspirations. Self-belief and motivation can make a profound impact in your life in a better way, not in boards alone.

So, do not get stressed or overwhelmed. If you believe and motivate yourself enough, then there will be nothing that you cannot accomplish.

2. Be consistent with your studies

Consistency or the regularity from the beginning of the term is one of the effective tips to score highest marks in 12th board exams. Being regular from the beginning is the what most of the students avoid. According to the statistics, most of the students began their preparation only 1-3 months prior to the examination.

Avoid procrastinating. Keeping in touch with the studies from the beginning. Doing so reduces the burden and ensures a stressfree preparation.

3. Thoroughly understanding the syllabus

If you haven’t started preparing for the boards yet, then begin today. Start by taking the time to go through the entire syllabus. Because understanding the syllabus will unburden your doubts and worries. Understanding paves the path for better and effective preparation.

Once you get a clear insight into the syllabus, you can easily determine the nature of a subject, the type of questions that you will need to solve, and so on.

4. Prioritize all the subjects

Now, once you understand the syllabus, you’re all geared up for the preparation. However, in the process of preparation, you might commit the blunder by picking up only one subject, ignoring the rest for days and months.

Thus, we highly recommend giving importance to all the subjects. For example, if you have divided a day into 3 phases, then you can pick up 3 different subjects. This is how the course towards ‘how to score above 90 in 12th boards’ begins without a hint of monotony.

5. Text Books First. References Later

On a quest for scoring outstanding grades, students often tend to forget their regular school books and end up relying blindly on the guidebooks. The appropriate guidebook will undoubtedly help you score remarkable numbers, but you shouldn’t depend upon it completely. Before think of guides and references, we strongly recommend you to study your school textbooks thoroughly. This is one of the genuine tips to Score highest marks in 12th board exams! So, once you finish studying from your textbooks, you can take a glance at your additional supplements or references.

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6. Follow a Timetable

It’s your 12th boards and you can’t risk being careless and laidback, would you? Success commands discipline. Thus, we recommend you to dedicate some of your time in sketching a plan or a time-table which you will follow without fail. Decide how you will utilize your days. Divide the time and set a mindset that you’ll religiously follow your routine. Don’t just study but practice solving your complex calculus problem, or the complex illustration for your biology.

7. Time Management and Intervals

Time management is the essential factor that impacts your performance in your boards. While preparing, make sure that you divide a day into several phases with an equal amount of time. Avoid studying for a continuous period of about 16-18 hours. Ensure you keep an interval in between every 3 hours of your study times.

Write down as you study. Doing so will help you memorize better and find out the exact time required for a specific question. Thus, you can manage time for writing answers within the allotted time during your boards.

8. Practice and Solve the previous year’s Questions

Be it IIT, NET, IAS, CET, or any tough exams, in every success story, the aspirants reveal that one of the key factor resulting in their success is the previous year questions. So, if you’re looking for a solution to your doubts on how to score good marks in 12th boards, then you’ve already got the answer.

Previous years questions will render a clear insight regarding the type of question pattern for your boards. So, all you need to do is practice solving it. The best thing that you can do is to try solving it within the time that will be allotted. It will help in immense scale for time management and gaining better grades.

9. Improve your writing and presentation skills

The way you write your answers can create both positive and negative impact on your grades. Poor handwriting, untidy answer sheet devoid of margins can affect your ranks. If your handwriting is too tiny and needs improvement, then practice writing. You don’t need to copy an entire chapter but you can surely write whatever you’re studying.

Always keep in mind that margins should be drawn with the help of a scale using a pencil, not a pen. Illustrations should be done with pencil alone. Avoid using multi-colored pen apart from black and blue.

10. Stay Healthy

A healthy mind and body is your strength and the valuable possession. In the hassle of preparation, you might end up ignoring your health. Don’t ever do that! Never skip your meal, especially breakfast. Avoid caffeine as this will add to the stress.
Make sure your body gets enough sleep so that your mind can function well. Stay dehydrated. Avoid junk foods as this can make you unwell and hinder the sound process of preparation. Taking care of your health is important and you should consider is one of the major commandments towards accomplishing your goal.

No matter what, if you are hardworking, consistent, and maintain a positive perspective towards your goal, then there is nothing that you cannot do. Such factors are not only important for achieving the excellent grades in your boards but also in achieving any aspiration in your life. So, keep faith in God the Almighty and never stop believing that you can, because you will!

We wish you success for your boards 2019. May you prepare well, do well, and achieve the best of everything.

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