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Chetan Jain – The Unpretentious

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The self effacing Chetan Jain of the Department of Computer Science, first year is our next feature for the Rising Star. The death of his best friend at the age of sixteen changed his perspective towards life, it made him realize that tomorrow might not come. This emotional blow and realization gave him a total new outlook towards life. His new motto is “ Today is what I have and I will live for it”.'   Chetan Jain being felicitated for his achievements   This young vibrant youngster likes to try his hand at everything. He gives equal importance to

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Aneesh Khowala – The Ambivert

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A mysterious, ambivert who has been through the worst phase of life and best known for his calm personality Mr. Aneesh Khowala second-year student of the Department of Management is our next feature for the Rising Star series. People tend to turn to him for advice and he altogether has a different approach to life. An academically driven student, who is also pursuing Company Secretaryship wants to become the next big name in the business sector. He believes in trying new things, sticking to a single thing for a long period of time is not his cup of tea. To

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Prashant Jha – The Forthright

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The candid Prashant Jha of BBA is our next feature for the rising star series. A very straightforward person who is never ready to accept anything that is wrong. He believes in being outright about what is right and wrong and also feels that it is important not to feel bad about speaking out if what you do is right. It is this character of his which get the best of him and also gets him into trouble. His whole world revolves around his family which consists of his parents and two siblings. Prashant with his co-host at one of

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Abhinav Kumar Das – The MJ of Inspiria

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As the name suggest Abhinav meaning unique our next feature for Rising Star is a student of the Department of Media Science. Walking in the darkness with the hope for sunshine has always been his path. For him, every day is a new day carrying the same hope and efforts for enlightenment. Being a fighter he likes to fight it out in difficult situations and that makes him a stronger person. Abhinav is a very down to earth person whose aim four years back was to become a famous cricketer but as his family was not supportive he could not

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