Top Important Class 12 English Questions for Upcoming CBSE Board Exam 2021

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English is one of the core subjects in a school curriculum and not to mention an integral part of life. CBSE Boards for class 12 and class 10 are coming up and students must be going through their everyday revision routine. Majority of the students without a doubt focus a quarter or even more of their day’s time in subjects like Maths, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Economics, Accountancy and other such subjects which are considered rather tough in comparison to English. Does this mean English is an easy subject? Well the address is a straight No, the subject is just as complicated and tough if one were to dive deep. But the subject for school curriculum is designed in rather a simple way all the while giving the necessary learnings.Class 10 English consists of three NCERT books named First Flight, Footprints Without Feet Supplementary Reader, Words and Expressions. Similarly, CBSE Class 12 also has a set of three books Kaleidoscope, Flamingo and Vistas.

The class 10 text book First flight comprises chapters containing prose and poetry. It contains a total of 22 chapters i.e 11 prose and 11 poetry. The other book Footprints Without Feet – supplementary reader includes chapters based on plays. It has a total of 10 chapters. The third book focuses more on reading and comprehension. It takes the chapters from First Flight and students are meant to work on whatever they have learnt. Chapters similar to those in First Flight are given with exercises to solve. The 2021 CBSE English literature exam will likely be of 13 questions in total. It will be divided into two parts, part A and part B

• Part A will be of 40 marks, objective type questions based on extracts from the literature textbooks, unseen passages and grammar.

• Part B (40 Marks) will be subjective type questions based on writing skills and questions given from textbooks First Flight and Footprints Without Feet

For class 12 Kaleidoscope contains 21 chapters composed of short stories, drama, non-fiction and poetry. The second book Flamingo also made up of prose and poetry consists of 14 chapters. The third book Vistas also consists of various short stories, a total of 8 chapters. Similar to the class 10 pattern, CBSE 2021 English core exam will also have 13 questions and will be divided into two parts A and B.

• Part A (40 Marks) will be a comprehension and reading section mainly objective type questions.
• Part B (40 Marks) will be a writing section with fully subjective type questions.

During the revision period it gets a lot tougher to cover all of the above mentioned number of chapters. So it is better if students go through sample papers and previous year question papers so they get the idea about some important chapters and questions.

Download CBSE Board Exam 2021 Smaple English Paper Elective – Here

Download CBSE Board Exam 2021 Smaple English Paper Core – Here



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