Government Jobs or Private Jobs? What to Choose

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It is an old age debate in India whether a government job or private job is better than the other. Or what to choose between the two. Every student faces this question at some point in their life. And most of the time they are seen standing at crossroads. The more the discussion the more the confusion. To be honest both the private and public sector have their own perks when it comes to being part of the workforce. When we talk about a job, it mostly has a lot to do with how much we are being paid, what are other benefits apart from the paycheck, the work flexibility, working hours, leaves etc. before coming to a conclusion which job is better let us discuss all these factors first


Paycheck is a huge factor when it comes to choosing a sector or a place to work and it is directly affected by your career growth. Many people believe that the private sector pays more. Well, it is false and true at the same time. In the private sector there is a scope for quick growth. If you prove yourself with your abilities and skills, you become a valuable asset to an organization which means you are likely to get promoted early. This means a quick rise in your wage as well.
Whereas in a government sector though you do enter a certain position by appearing on a test and an interview, the growth is quite slow. Once you enter the workforce holding a certain position, it is likely that you will spend a few years in the same post. Since the growth is slow your basic wage pretty much remains the same but the government sector provides a lot of systematic increments as compared to the private sector.

Working Hours

It is not a hidden fact that Private sector employment has longer working hours than the government sector. Every organization has their own set of rules and regulations and most of them ask for a strict 9 hours of work.
On the other hand, government jobs have more flexible working hours. The standardized timing for most of the central government employees is 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM but there are also state government organisations. Depending on the geographical location of the organization working hours varies, both in central government organizations and state government organisations. Pretty flexible as compared to the private sector, I would say.

Holidays and Leaves

In the private sector the leaves and holidays are set according to their norms. There are only a set amount of leaves an employee can take. As for the holidays, national holidays are given but other government or religious holidays depend on the region the organization is located at. Government job employees however are entitled to all the government holidays and religious holidays. Apart from this, availing other leaves are also easy as compared to the private sector.

Job retention/security

As employability in the private sector is all about talent and skills, job retention is high if you are talented in the field you work and consistently show a growth in your skills. It is because of this, it is commonly believed that job security in the private sector is low. If you are not talented enough and not show growth, your organization may let you go.

In the government sector though, once you land on a job, it is less likely that you will be terminated. The position is permanent for a certain period of time unless you perform any criminal activity or other unlawful activities.


It is an unspoken fact that there is more room for creativity in the private jobs than in the government jobs. It is not only that the majority of the creative sectors are private but there is also creative flexibility when it comes to approaching certain problems.
Things are pretty standardized in the government sector. The process of doing certain things and the chain of events followed are the same. So there is little to no room for creativity depending on what the organisation focuses on. This again depends on the location of the organization

Other Perks

Most of the private organizations cover your medical insurance. Apart from this, some organizations also give you a bonus at times. There are also organizations who offer employees with travel abroad in regards to their work.

Government jobs also come with medical insurance and on top of that they provide employees with DAs (Dearness Allowance) and TAs (travel allowance). Government employees are also entitled to pensions and accommodation which comes with a whole other lot of facilities.

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