How To Prepare For Board Exam In 1 Month?

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Let’s deal with the reality! How to prepare for board exams in 1 month’s time?

Board Exams are the inception and the stepping stone for a remarkable future. Especially in our country, board exams are considered the actual test of excellence.  Passing both 10th and 12th boards with good grades will take you to a higher level and both the exams are of great importance in your higher education and the career you choose.

In India, class 12 boards are conducted every year at national-level and more than 10 lakh students appear for the 12th boards every year. With tough competition in every nook and corners of the country, it really takes a lot of hard work and determination to crack the boards with good grades.

If you’re appearing for boards this year, and your exams approaching at your doorstep, you must be wondering, how to how to prepare for 12th board exams in short duration, or probably in 1 month? Don’t freak out! You’re at the right place because we’re gonna reveal the secrets and hacks of board exam preparation in 1 month and that too with outstanding grades.

First and foremost, you should always remember that you’re the best thing you have and there is nothing, which, you cannot accomplish. From accomplishing your dreams, achieving your desires, a remarkable 99% in your board exams or, anything.

If your determination is strong enough then there’s nothing that is impossible. Achieving something higher requires a lot of hard work and consistency without which you cannot savor success. And while talking about how to prepare for 12th board exams, these two elements are needed. Afterall, 12th boards are the door that leads to the all major and tough entrance test like JEE, CLAT, AIIMS, etc.

Next is, you should always be focused and positive on your aims and aspirations. Remember, there is no shortcut to success. Keeping these things in mind, follow the mentioned below strategy which will certainly help you prepare well in short duration.

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Board exam preparation strategy for 1 month’s time:

1. Time Management:

It’s only 1 month left! So don’t count days and hours. Began now! Study until you completely understand a subject topic.

2. Make notes:

What’s worth if you studied a subject in the morning and can remember nothing after 2 days. Once you understand something, write it down in a proper notebook (not in a piece of paper which you’re likely to lose). Write in your own language and make your own notes.

3. Understand the Syllabus:

Amid the language, grammar, and the calculus, you may feel confused and lost. Thus, it is crucial to understand your syllabus completely so that you may not feel burdened. Understanding the syllabus will help you learn everything in sequence, be it a historical event, or the series of calculus lessons that you’ve almost forgotten.

4. Planning:

Another important tool for acquiring success is planning, which is crucial for board exam preparation. Once you’re done with understanding the syllabus, you should have an uninterrupted plan for studying all the subjects. The syllabus may appear vast at the beginning but, with proper planning, everything will get covered.

5. Make a timetable:

Yes! It synchronizes with understanding the syllabus and sketching the plan to study! Certainly, making a timetable is the best thing you can do in order to study effectively.

6. Take a Break in between:

It’s true, your exams are at door! But, do not commit the blunder of studying non-stop for 10-12 hours! It is strictly recommended to take a short break of 10 minutes every 2 hours even if you study 18 hours a day!

7. Shun Social Media:

It might sound hard! But, yes a little amount of sacrifice can do wonders! Afterall, social media isn’t going anywhere right? So, keep the distraction at bay for some time, Cheers!

8. Indulge in group study:

Not on regular basis but you can sit for group studies once a week. Doing so will help you clarify the doubts, or seek help from your friends in the subject that you want to.

9. Take Care of your Health:

Health is Wealth, and its evident in every field not only for the board examinees! However, amid the long study hours and preparation, you may end up neglecting your health. DON’T you dare! What’s’ worth if you’re well prepared but unable to write well due to sickness? So, eat well, sleep well, and stay hydrated! Afterall, the exam hall is also a battle arena? Metaphorically. Don’t you think so?

10. Believe in yourself and relax:

Don’t pressurize your mind a night before the exam! You’ve prepared well, given the best you can! So, believe in yourself that you’ll do well. De-stress your mind with some good music and good healthy food. Most importantly, sleep well so that you can remain alert throughout the exam after working hard on your preparation.

Above all, trust in God and surely you’ll attain success. We wish you all the good wishes and success.

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