Difference Between Fashion Designer and Interior Designer?

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Fashion Design and Interior Design are two equally enticing professions. Both require the same amount of creativity and delicate skills. Another similarity among these two is that both these professions are considered glamorous. With so much similarity the huge difference is that Fashion design is all about clothes and accessories and interior design is all about spaces.

What is Fashion Design?

Fashion Design is the art of designing clothes and accessories all the while applying aesthetics, textures and color combinations. Fashion Design is very much and always inspired by the culture and social changes. As the social dimension changes so does the fashion, it is an age old phenomenon.

Who is a Fashion Designer?

These styles and fashion are brought in the world by creative professionals known as Fashion Designers. Fashion Designers can also be touted as innovators as they bring a lot of new combinations of apparels, new kinds of accessories and other gears and garments. As fashion is directly related to how society works and changes happening around the world, fashion designers have to keep a sharp eye on everything. Also, fashion keeps repeating itself, so studying and analysing the history also becomes vital for Fashion Designers.

Having a vision as a fashion designer is key. A fashion designer should be able to reckon what will work and what will not. They should have the ability to almost foretell the upcoming major fashion trend.

Career opportunities as a Fashion Designer

This success in this industry is altogether dependent on unique vision and creativity. Some of the major job roles you can take apart from being an self-employed Fashion Designer are
• Fashion Consultant
• Fashion Journalist
• Celebrity Stylist
• Fashion Coordinator
• Textile Designer

What is Interior Design?

Interior Design is the science and art of creating safe functional spaces also applying aesthetics. It is a process of designing in which technical and aesthetical mechanisms are applied. It is a dexterous profession which includes research, space planning, construction management, site inspections, programming, communicating with the stakeholders of a project and execution of design.

Who is an Interior Designer?

An interior designer is responsible for the design, planning and the execution of a place. They achieve the desired vision with the use of furniture placement, use of functional decor and functional units, color palettes and various other decor articles. Interior Designers are professionals when it comes to balancing the theme of the space making it aesthetically pleasing.

These professionals mostly take up projects working closely with architects. They imagine, visualize, conceptualise, manage and execute the interior space while the architect designs the They usually work as per the description of the client and design accordingly. The client may range from an individual asking to design their living room to corporations asking to transform their office spaces.

Career opportunities as an Interior Designer

Apart from being a self-employed Interior Designer some other major job profiles you can take after doing an interior design degree are
• Interior and Spatial Designer
• Art Director
• Blogger
• Exhibition Designer
• Visual Merchandiser

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