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What is Entrepreneurship?

‘Be Your Own Boss’ is one of the most popular sayings of the modern world. In the world we are living today more and more people are choosing to be independent and Entrepreneurship leads straight to that independence. It is taking that small business idea in your mind to develop and grow in your way. Also, entrepreneurship is a huge asset to a country’s economy.

Understanding MBA in Entrepreneurship?

With so many inspiring stories of High school and college dropout CEOs why is MBA in Entrepreneurship stressed? While an idea can spark in anyone’s mind but it takes a lot of managerial skills to develop and grow that idea and turn it into a business. These skill sets are based on the management and functionality of a Business. Many startups and tech companies have suffered loss and failure because of poor management. Thus, this course has been introduced to meet the heavy demand for the management skills.

The fundamentals of MBA in Entrepreneurship remains Master of Business Administration which equips one with the knowledge and skill set needed to grow a business. With MBA as the foundation, this course as the name suggests specializes in Entrepreneurship, teaching all the necessary know-hows of the profession. From the development stage, to launching your own startup, attracting investors and growing your business overall, this course trains you thoroughly. It is somewhat a merge of two courses MBA and Entrepreneurship which adds another huge benefit to one’s career prospect. A lot of career doors open for the students opting this degree. We’ve listed down some of the major industry where entrepreneurs can bring out their innovative ideas

Information Technology
Digital Media

MBA Entrepreneurship Scope in India

MBA Entrepreneurship is getting a lot of acceptance in India with more and more people developing ideas and launching startups. Even the government has been encouraging and extending support to entrepreneurs by launching various schemes such as AIC (Atal Incubation Centre), WEP (The Women Entrepreneurship Programme) and MSME Market Development Assistance.

Some of the major job profiles after MBA in Entrepreneurships are


The major goal of this course is to create entrepreneurs with sound managerial skills. Having an MBA in Entrepreneurship definitely adds up to your value if you already possess an idea worth growing.


Unlike entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs use their creativity and skills under an already established organization. All that acquired skills can be put directly in use to secure a high position in your desired organization.

Business Consultant

Many startups hire Business Consultants to improve their performance and efficiency. With an MBA in Entrepreneurship you can become one and help a company meet their goals and provide better solutions to them. It is considered as one of the most high paying management jobs.

Business Developer

This is also a very on demand job profile, where a person works for the improvement of an organization’s financial growth and market position. A Business Developer also works with the managers, marketing staff and internal team to increase sales and maximize values.

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